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Q: Can you file workman's comp for a preexisting condition?
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What can you do if an employer fails to file a claim on workman's comp?

Contact the state you live in workmans comp office and file a complaint.

If you had a preexisting condition that my employer knew about and had an accident at work that aggravated that condition and now needs surgery will workman's comp cover it?

Probably so, provided you file in time, etc.

Can you collect workmans comp and file for ca state disability?

You can collect workmen's comp and file for ca state disability in some states. You cannot do this in other states.

How do you file workmans comp?

Contact your employers Human Resource Department, but immediately tell your direct supervisor.

Company fired you off before you could file Workmans Comp?

Shouldn't affect your ability to file a claim, but there are deadlines so don't delay.

If you have been denied Workmans comp and your short term disability benefits can you file for unemployment in Kentucky?

Because Workers Comp and disability are health issues, you can file for unemployment, but you have to qualify for them under Kentucky's laws like everyone else.

Do you have to pay tax on ss if it is offset by workmans comp payments?

Yes you must file a tax return, reporting all income from whatever source.

You got hurt on a job 13 years ago and herniated your disk and received workmans comp for it Now you herniated the same disk at a different job can you collect workmans comp on it?

Hi~ It is my very recent personal experience that you will not be successful in receiving benefits for your new injury. They will jump on the opinion that this is a pre-existing condition. But STILL file your claim as quickly as possible! (Hopefully you either had witnesses to the injury or it occured just days or hours ago....)

What should I do if you have a on going workmans comp case and your employer files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

File away; worker's comp cases may be the kind of debt the company must pay regardless of their chapter 11 status. Ask your attorney handling your case.

What is the time limit to report for workmans comp?

It varies by state but in all cases, it isn't long. File your case early, and don't fail to file just because you don't know if it's too late. In Pennsylvania, it is three (3) years.

If you work under the table and you get hurt is your boss liable and what if he does not carry workmans comp ins?

i was working under the table for my boss and i got hurt is my boss liable for paying my medical bills and how long do i have to file a claim

Iwas hurt on the jobcan you file for benefits?

Yes, workmans compensation.

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