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Yes! Connect a garden hose to the output valve of the water heater and open the water heater valve to put hot water into the kiddie pool. This is the fastest way to warm a children's pool.

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Q: Can you fill a children's pool using a hot water heater?
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Does the water heater still fill with water when the pilot light is off?


When the pilot light is off does the water heater still fill up?

The water continues to run into and out of the water heater. There is just no flame to heat it up.

Should you fill the tank with water before turning on a breaker from a hot water heater?


Will a cold fill dishwasher heat the water?

Most dishwashers have a heater, but hot water is still better for supply.

How do you fill the Model G6A-8E after draining it for the winter?

When you de-winterize your unit, simply turn the isolation valve to allow water to flow to the unit. When you connect a water source, or fill the water tank, and turn on the water pump, the water heater tank will autimatically fll with water; however, do not turn on the water heater until there is water in the tank. They are costly to replace.

Using well water to fill pool?

That is a reasonable practice.

After replacing a hot water heater what should you do?

You should check and adjust the heating temperature, then turn on the cold water to fill the tank.

What is the purpose of an on demand water heater?

Tankless or "demand" water heaters are a useful energy efficient alternative to having a tank water heater. It is a smart alternative because it heats up the water as the sink, shower, or other hot/cold water using device needs it instead of having to fill up the whole hot water tank which saves you a load of money.

Why does the water keep running in the tub and washing machine when the water meter is off?

it could be from the hot water heater if it's not turned off. hot water expands pushing out more water when cool the heater can suck in air to fill the voide.

Your heater in your jeep only blows cold air why is this?

The most common reason a automobile heater blows cold air is the water level is low. Check the water level and fill to the appropriate level.

2001 ford f- 150 supercrew heater core installation?

Bolt the heater core into its proper position. There are four retaining bolts. Connect the water lines to the heater core. Fill the cooling system with coolant.

How can you destroy water in Minecraft?

You can fill the up with blocks or you can collect it using buckets.

How many gallons of hot water should you get from a 80 gallon hot water heater?

About 60 gallons , if it is new. This amount will diminish over time because of sediment build up and corrosion. And while using hot water continuously the temperature of the water will decrease as you reach the water heater capacity because it is mixing cold water with the already heated water to replenish what is lost. Thus, the modern age of tankless water heaters. If sized, installed properly you can run hot water at an exact temperature for as long as you want. Fill a tub, still have hot water, in fact, fill a pool, and still have hot water.

How long will it take a 40 gallon hot water heater to fill up?

depends on water pressure, but it should completely fill in 15-20 minutes. the water should be hot in another 20-25 minutes if it has been run completely empty.

Why does the septic tank fill up in a few days when no one is using water?


How to Keep Your Water Heater Clean?

By Andreina Urdaneta A clean water heater will heat and maintain water better and last longer. Once a year, flush your water heater, and in extreme hard water areas, at least twice a year. If you feel up to the challenge, here are some tips to help you in a basic cleaning. 1 Turn the water heater and the cold water supply to the water heater off. 2 Hook a high-quality garden hose to the drain valve, and place the other end in an area where hot water will not cause damage. 5. Open the drain valve. 6. Disconnect the cold water pipe on the top of the water heater. This step will let air into the water heater so it will drain. When the water heater is empty, close the drain. 8. Pour tile cleaner into the cold water, leave for a couple of hours and drain the detergent out of the tank. 10. Reconnect the cold water supply to the water heater. Open the cold water valve and let the water heater flush for a couple minutes. 12. Close the drain valve and open the hot water faucet nearest to the tank, and let the water heater fill. 13. When water starts to come out of that faucet, reopen the drain and let the water heater continue to rinse. After all the air is out of the water heater, turn it back on. Take care of your water heater, and it will take care of you. If you keep ignoring the task, your water heater may just leave you in the cold.

How do you fill your oil heater?

how do you check the oil & how much is required?

Hot water heater the we just rerouted from bathroom to attic isn't filling... no leaks and cold water works and the tank will only fill when cold water is going ... anyone know anything about that?

Check piping. Make sure cold line going into cold side of water heater and hot side coming out hot side. Cold feed for water heater should come off main cold line. Make sure valves are open to and from water heater.

I can hear water like a tap running when driving my car and also putting 3 pints of water a day into radiator?

Your Heater Core is most likely leaking. Your heater core is under the dash inside the car which is why you can hear it, and also why you need to continually fill up the water.

How do you fix rough coping around pool?

Fill it with water so skateboarders quit using it.

How much time does it take to drain a 75 gallon water heater and how much time does it take to fill it back up?

About ten and four minutes

Why won't my pool water clear up?

You may have a high metal content in the water you are using to fill the pool. Check the metal content of the water.

How many gallons of water to fill a hot tub?

Fill a gallon bucket, timing how long it takes to do so. Then fill your hot tub using the same source... example: if you filled the bucket with a hose, then fill the tub using the same hose. Then time how long it takes to fill the tub and divide the time it takes to fill the tub by the time it takes to fill the bucket and then you know how many gallons it is.

How do you write a sentence with fill?

Please fill the ewer with water.

How to use a water bra?

Using a water bra is effectively like using any other bra, you wear it under a shirt. If you need to fill the bra it will come with instructions to do so.