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Can you fill the airbags manually on a 1995 Lincoln mark viii?

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Answer:YES: Each of the four air bags has a solenoid near the top of the air bag. Switch off the air suspension on/off switch on the drivers side in the trunk. For the front solenoids you will need to lift the car and remove one front tire. Locate the height sensor the vertical piece that looks like a bellows. It unclasps at the top, from a retaining ball.Locate the solenoid at the top of the air bag, you will see an electrical connection and the black air line, disconnect the electrical line that goes into the base of the solenoid. You will find two pins in the solenoid connection. You will need to attach an electrical line to each pin, the lines should be at least 36 inches long. Disconnect the air line from the base of the solenoid, and to do this push on the red ring with a flat screw driver and pull the line with equal force. The line maybe difficult to remove as the red ring has four points to grip the line from falling out. As a last result you can try removing the line from the dryer at the front of the right front wheel well, behind the bumper.You will need an air compressor and a line with a small trigger valve that will fit into the air intake of the solenoid, a spare battery, and a person to help. Connect the two electrical lines to the solenoid (use two small clips attached to the electrical lines).DO NOT ATTACH THEM TO THE BATTERY YET. Push the air line into the air intake on the solenoid, ask your helper to touch the two other lines to the battery, one to the negative one to the positive, you will hear a click from the solenoid, then press the compressor line trigger to pump air into the air suspension bag. To stop the flow of air disconnect one lead from the battery. DO NOT OVER INFLATE try five seconds of air initially. Replace the wheel, and without removing the electrical lines lower the wheel to the ground to check the height. If the fender height is slightly above the top of the wheel, then raise the opposite side in exactly the same way.After inflating the second side lower it to the ground, and you will note that the first side has lifted more as there are now two bags inflated. Reconnect the height sensors.For the rear you do not have a height sensor to content with, so raise the rear and you will need to access the solenoid from under the rear of the car. complete the operation in the same manner as the front. You will now have all four air bags lifting your car.Never go under a vehicle with safety jacks. Do not switch the air suspension switch back on.
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