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if the drain is clogged up, then maybe

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Q: Can you fill the shower up with water?
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Why does bath use more water than a shower?

Because to fill up a bath you need to use a lot of water, this water is more then what a typical person would use to shower (showers use less water/min then filling up the bathtube)

Why does water leak through my ceiling when my shower is running and not when you fill the tub?

the shower and bath water comes from two different places so their is two different pipes. Get the shower pipe checked out by a plummer and they cause fix the pipe.

What takes less to fill a bath or shower?


How do you wet hair with out shower?

Buy a little spray bottle at a dollar store, fill it with water, and spray! Now, you got wet hair minus the shower!

Do your ears pop after you shower?

No, the earholes fill with water and when you get out, the water begins to pour out. As it does so, it pulls the eardrum with it, creating the sensation of a 'pop'.

When you put water in a glass you?

you fill it up

Can you drown in the shower?

No. You can go swimming and easily get a tablespoon full of water up your nose or down your throat. You need enough water to fill up your lungs in order to drown.

How can you save water n electricity?

Instead of leaving the shower water on for a minute while the water heats up, put a bucket under the shower head while it warms up. That war, you have an entire bucket of usable water and a hot shower.

How do you get past the shower in shrink ray island?

fill the tub with water then swim while pushing the duck, then hop on the duck and get out

How do you fill the bucket with water on vampire curse island?

You use the water from the gaiser to fill up the bucket. :-)

When do you replace a old shower head?

shower heads can get rust particles in them or get limed up, thus there is restricted water pressure and water volulme. replace it then.

Who is an expert on wether a bath or shower uses more water?

anybody can be an expert. A shower head will say how many gallons per minute it uses (read as gpm). Set a timer for how long you shower for and compare the amount of water you used to how much water it takes to fill a tub. Your local water department can probably give you statistics for a study of this, too.