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They are carved into the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. There are many websites dedicated to listing Viet Nam casualties. Here are two I have used, and one I haven't tried yet: 1. "No Quarter" [] is a Viet Nam casualty SEARCH ENGINE. 2. "The Moving Wall" [] is a site for the traveling scaled down Wall, but does have the list online of the casualties listed on The Wall. 3. I have not yet checked out "The Virtual Wall" [] but it is refered to on The Moving Wall site, which also provides a direct link. I have now checked out The Virtual Wall, and it is not a full listing of all the names listed on The Wall in Washington, DC. Instead, it is a site for the posting of MEMORIALS to those whose names are on The Wall. Most of the memorials are posted by brothers-in-arms, family, classmates, and friends. The site also contains a section listing those who received our Nations highest decorations. This site, unlike the others, provides an informative insight into the backgrounds and lives of some of those who gave the last full measure of devotion to duty. The site invites all, who knew or care about the sacrifice of those named on The Wall, to post a tribute. j3h.

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Can you find a list of soldiers from north haven Connecticut who were killed in the Vietnam war?

See website: Vietnam casualties by state

How many Doctors of Medicine MDs were killed in the Vietnam war?

list of navy physicians killed in vietnam

How do you find out who was killed in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, website, will list name, rank, home state, branch of service, and age.

Is there a list of Vietnam era veterans?

where can i find a list of vietnam era veterans at

Who read the list of California Vietnam dead?

Over 5,000 Californians were killed in the Vietnam War.

How can you find a list of names of people that served in Vietnam?

Try: The American War Library.

Where can you find a list of names of solder's who died in Vietnam?

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall is the list.

List of names of soldiers killed n Vietnam?

clarence ruble

List of vietnam war veterans in US?

A list of deceased Vietnam War veterans in the US can be found on the Vietnam Veteran's memorial. You can also find this type of list by contacting the VA in your area.

Where can you find a list of names of soldiers killed in action in Vietnam?

You cab look for a National Vietnam War Museum in your area. They have a wall with soldier's names on it. There is one in Weatherford, TX, Orlando, FL, and in Washington D.C.

List of Hawaii vets killed in Vietnam?

Hawaii sacrificed over 200 men in the war.

Is there a list of all those who served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War?

There is no single public list showing all the names. You can find the names of those killed and those who received the most important medals.

How many people live in Vietnam 2013?

According to the list of people living in Vietnam today (July, 2013) was 92,477,857

How can I find a list with famous people and celebraties that have HIV but can't find the list?

where can I find a list of celebraties and famous people who are HIV positive

Was Dario Guerra killed in the Vietnam War?

Check the site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, it will list the name, rank, age, home of record, branch of service, and date of death.

Is their a list of Vietnam survivors?

There is no such list.

Where can you get a list of Vietnam era draft dodgers?

Did you ever find this? Because I want the answer too.

Is there a list of the all soldiers who fought in Vietnam?

AnswerNo such list exists. This is caitwon improving,a list exsists somewhere,that's what I'm trying to find.If you find it please let me know!!

Where can I find the list of DSC winners from Vietnam?

Possibly, the American War Library might be able to help.

How do you find a list of Army Silver Star Winners in the Vietnam War?

No such list. You could make a pretty penny creating one. Records are available.

Where can you find the name of those who died in the Vietnam War?

The National Archives has the DoD database with the list of all 58,152 Vietnam War casualties. Or simply visit the wall.

How can I find a list of Arkansans kill in Vietnam? 664 Arkansans died. Here is a link with more detail.

Where can you find a list of the American soldiers in the Vietnam War?

Check out a website on the Wall in D.C. to find them or maby check the American war archives.

What animal has killed the most people?

The animal that has killed the most people is the human animal. Second on the list is the mosquito that carries disease and kills many people each year.

List of Silver Star winners in Vietnam?

No such list exists.

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