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Can you find a list of people killed in the Vietnam War?



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They are carved into the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. There are many websites dedicated to listing Viet Nam casualties. Here are two I have used, and one I haven't tried yet: 1. "No Quarter" [] is a Viet Nam casualty SEARCH ENGINE. 2. "The Moving Wall" [] is a site for the traveling scaled down Wall, but does have the list online of the casualties listed on The Wall. 3. I have not yet checked out "The Virtual Wall" [] but it is refered to on The Moving Wall site, which also provides a direct link. I have now checked out The Virtual Wall, and it is not a full listing of all the names listed on The Wall in Washington, DC. Instead, it is a site for the posting of MEMORIALS to those whose names are on The Wall. Most of the memorials are posted by brothers-in-arms, family, classmates, and friends. The site also contains a section listing those who received our Nations highest decorations. This site, unlike the others, provides an informative insight into the backgrounds and lives of some of those who gave the last full measure of devotion to duty. The site invites all, who knew or care about the sacrifice of those named on The Wall, to post a tribute. j3h.