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The heart has several types of neural tissue. One is the sinoatrial node, the other is the atriole ventricular node. Then there is the the bundle of His, and the Purkengie fibers.

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2009-12-06 22:02:44
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Q: Can you find nervous tissue in the heart?
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The heart has what tissue in it?

Heart has cardiac tissue. It is striated like skeletal muscle, but is under control of the autonomic nervous system.

What role does nervous tissue have in the heart?

it plays a role of sending messages from the heart to the rest of the body

Which is the area of specialized nervous tissue in the heart that is known as the pacemaker of the heart?

sinoatrial node

What are the three main tissues in a heart?

The heart is made of muscle, connective, epithelium, and nervous tissue.

Which term does not belong with the following grouping epithelium heart muscle tissue nervous system connective tissue?

The nervous system is a collection of organs and tissues.While the others are tissues.

What role does nerve tissue play in the heart?

The nervous tissue automatically tells the heart to beat, pumping blood around our body keeping us alive. It also controls the heart rate.

What type of muscle tissue would you find in the heart?

Cardiac muscle tissue and connective tissue would be found in the heart.

Which type of tissue carries messages?

nevous tissue

General characteristics of nervous tissue?

There are several characteristics of nervous tissue that make them easy to identify. Nervous tissue is made of many cells packed closely together, and most are strongly branching. There are two main groups of cells: the neurons, and the glial cells. You will find nervous tissue in the brain and spinal cord, and in the nerves and their associated ganglia. Nervous tissue is the main component of the nervous system, which regulates and controls body functions.

Where can you find cardiac striated tissue?


What is the tissue of the nervous system which consists of neurons their supporting cells and connective tissue?

Nervous tissue

What does the Nervous tissuedo?

What does the nervous tissue do

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