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The heart has several types of neural tissue. One is the sinoatrial node, the other is the atriole ventricular node. Then there is the the bundle of His, and the Purkengie fibers.


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nervous tissue are the nerves going to the heart that control an individuals heart rate. It also sends messages to the important functions of your body.

Heart has cardiac tissue. It is striated like skeletal muscle, but is under control of the autonomic nervous system.

The heart is made of muscle, connective, epithelium, and nervous tissue.

The nervous system is a collection of organs and tissues.While the others are tissues.

The nervous tissue automatically tells the heart to beat, pumping blood around our body keeping us alive. It also controls the heart rate.

Cardiac muscle tissue and connective tissue would be found in the heart.

There are several characteristics of nervous tissue that make them easy to identify. Nervous tissue is made of many cells packed closely together, and most are strongly branching. There are two main groups of cells: the neurons, and the glial cells. You will find nervous tissue in the brain and spinal cord, and in the nerves and their associated ganglia. Nervous tissue is the main component of the nervous system, which regulates and controls body functions.

Nervous tissue (i.e., neurons).

The heart is a muscle, and as such has multiple tissues. The main tissue is cardiac muscle cells. These are striated, branched muscle cells held together with intercalated discs. Connective tissue forms a sac around the heart, and epithelial tissue forms blood vessels within the heart. Therefore, the heart contains all four types of tissue. It is mostly muscle tissue. Connective tissue forms a protective sac and holds the heart together, epithelial tissue forms the blood vessels, and nervous tissue carries impulses to and away from the heart. this is all true! ~Trenasian was here!

What does the nervous tissue do

Nervous tissue is the only tissue in your body that cannot replace or regenerate itself.

It is known as cardiac tissue. It is striated like skeletal muscle, but under control of the autonomic nervous system

Probably somewhere between the neck and the upper thy

neurons are just the cells that make up the nervous tissue.

The cells in nervous tissue are called neurons.

cardiac muscle cells and connective tissue.

nerve cells make nervous tissue and muscle tissue is made up of muscle cells

The unit of nervous tissue is called the neuron.

connective and nervous tissue

No, there are four types of tissue; muscular, epithelial, connective and nervous tissue. Neurons are categorised in the nervous tissue.

Epithelium,Connective tissue,Muscle tissue and Nervous tissue

Easy, how do you know something is hot without your nervous tissue ?

You will find that heart is entirely made of cardiac muscle.

Neurons are Nervous Tissue.

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