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All you will need is a name and address visit the local DMV tell them what took place and they will assist you with the info you need.If you had an cop on site and the other person did not give the insurance info he will then make a report and most of the time the local police department will charge $4.00 to get a copy of the info. I hope this helps good luck J2006

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Q: Can you find out a drivers insurance company if it was not given at time of accident?
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If a speeding citaton is given with company insurance info instead of personal whose insurance and record is affected?

When a speeding citation is given, it is given to the driver... not the owner of the vehicle nor the person (or company) who is insuring the vehicle. Therefore, the driver's insurance and driving record will reflect the charge. If this person was driving a company vehicle (and therefore insurance paid by the company) then the companies insurance policy COULD be affected but not always. The cost of corporate insurance policies that cover multiple vehicle and/or drivers are determined by many factors such as # of vehicles, types of vehicles, company claim history, # of drivers and ages there of. Most companies must report their drivers information to the insurance company which will then check the drivers records which will then allow the insurance company to 'rate that driver' and asses a cost for insuring that driver. Some companies will refuse employ drivers with too many moving violations... or not let them drive company vehicles. I hope the answered your question.

Is there any car insurance company in Pennsylvania that gives discounted rates to bad drivers?

Insurance companies do not give discounts to bad drivers. If you were given a ticket and the judge said you have to pay that ticket, then your insurance rates do increase.

Can there be two different police report of accident one given to the parties and another given to insurance company?

Generally speaking, no. It usually takes at least a few days for the report to be completed so whatever you get at the scene of the accident won't be much. Whatever the insurance company got from the police, you should be able to get it too.

Do insurance companies cover an accident when it is your fault and you don't get the other drivers information for the claim?

Yes, you would be covered by YOUR insurance company, given you have "Full-Coverage" coverage on your policy. Keep in mind, when filing a claim with your own insurance company, that this claim will follow you on a permanent insurance record for 5 years, possibly more in depending on your state. So be very wary of claiming an accident that was someone else's fault on your insurance. This may raise your premiums, or make you ineligible for insurance through A rated companies. If you have any more questions, direct them to my email. Sean

What can you do if you had an accident and a ticket was given but later cancelled and there is no violation on record but the insurance company is still surcharging for the accident?

If the insurance company had to pay anything for damamges, then they will raise your rates for it. An accident will be on your record whether at fault or not and whether or not you got a ticket. Changing insurance companies may not save you much money. If you can get documentation proving the ticket was voided and your driving record is clear, forward it to your insurance company. If they refude to take it into consideration, file a compaint with a supervisor or a general director of the company. If that fails, you might want to think about shopping around.

Will your insurance company still pay for the damages to your car if your daughter who has no drivers license and who was not at fault for the accident drives the car at time of accident?

Probably not, as most policies only cover drivers not listed on the policy if they were given permission to drive. If you gave your unlicensed daughter permission to drive, then you can be issued a ticket. However, if the accident was not your daughter's fault, then the at fault party is responsible for the damage they caused to your vehicle, regardless if the other party was licensed or not.

Do insurance companies look at speeding tickets if there were no points given?

Speeding is a sure sign that you WILL have an accident soon, and the insurance company is well with-in their rights to protect themselves against bad drivers. They do this in a number of ways. One is to raise your insurance costs, to make you more aware of your driving mistakes. Another way is to cut you off, based on your driving convictions.

Am I responsible for an accident i had with no coverage but no citations were given to the drivers?

A citation or not makes no difference as far as who was at fault though it does make it easier. Also whether or not you have insurance has not effect on who was at fault. Who had the best chance of avoiding the accident is the party most likely at fault.

What is the responsibility of the insurance company of the at fault driver in a no fault state?

Immediately after an accident, you should call your insurance company and they will tell you their responsibility in that particular state. Your agent should have given you that information when you purchased your policy. Each state has slight differences. An insurance agent in this state is not licensed to comment on the insurance policies of another state.

Given that there are 5.7 million traffic accidents per year what is the chance that a randomly selected driver has an accident?

Without knowing how many drivers there are, this very much simplified chance cannot be calculated. In real life each driver has a different chance of having an accident - the cost of motor insurance is dependant upon the risk (chance) that you are likely to (a) have an accident and (b) how severe that accident is likely to be; if everyone had the same chance, everyone would pay the same motor insurance premiums.

What information by law has to be given at a car accident by either party and do you have to give your address out?

Yes you do have to give your name and address (they'd get it anyway) and the name of your insurance company. If the police were present be sure you get a copy of the accident report. Marcy

Do you require to tell your other car insurance company you had an accident?

Sure. On your insurance application that you fill out when applying for auto insurance you agree that you are reporting any and all accidents and tickets. Most likely the insurance company will find out anyway through a system call C.L.U.E. If you are truthful to the agent when shopping for insurance they can usually give you a better rate based on the information given.

Does anticipating the worst mean that safe drivers are pessimists?

no it just means they're safe drivers. if they anticipate an accident at any given time they can plan an emergency maneuver to avoid being involved in said accident.

Can anybody drive your car if it is insured?

In a way, yes. But, in order for you to not be held liable for anything happening to that person if they were to get into a car accident, they must be on your Insurance Policy.In other words, look at your Proof of Insurance card that you are given for the car. It should have names on it below the word Drivers:If you do not see the person of whom is in question, then they are not on your insurance policy. I think the only time there will be no names would be if the car is a company car, in which case anyone could definitely drive the car.

Tips For Buying Company Car Insurance In Arizona?

The Southwestern state of Arizona ranks the 13th most expensive state for car insurance in America, and it ranks as one of the top three states with the highest car theft rates. For these reasons alone, skimping on company car insurance for your Arizona business does not rank as one of the best business decisions. Researching and purchasing commercial car insurance in Arizona is done the same way as you would research and purchase personal car insurance. Of course, you'll pay more for commercial car insurance, but given the relative financial risks of being sued if a driver is in an accident with your company car or cars while on the job, the coverage is worth it. You'll need to obtain company car insurance in order to ensure that your Arizona business is protected. Company cars are often referred to as 'fleet vehicles' and it's important to start by determining the type of commercial insurance you need. Even if you have a small business or a home-based business, your personal car insurance is usually not enough to protect yourself and your financial assets in the case of an accident. Use your personal vehicle for running errands or transporting items to and from your small business or home-based business? Then, you should consider a commercial car insurance policy. If you are involved in an accident and business-related supplies are in the back seat, your personal car insurance company may not cover the accident as you were on a business errand. When doing your research for a company car insurance provider, try to obtain multiple quotes to help you determine the type of insurance you need and the coverage amounts. If you have a financial planner, talk with that person to ensure that you have enough coverage for the company car. If others in your business will be driving the vehicle, scrutinize their driving records to be sure they are safe drivers. Hey, we all know that accidents happen, but the more careful and experienced the drivers, the less likely there will be an accident and your team will be at fault.

Is there a way to get the name and phone number of an insurance Co when all the information you are given in an accident is just the policy number?

Not without calling hundreds or thousands of insurance companies to ask if that policy number is theirs. If you have any information about the other driver, your best bet is to call them to find out who their insurance company is.

What exactly is dog insurance?

Dog insurance is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you have pet insurance, you can be covered for if your pet is ill or is hurt by an accident. A certain amount of cover is given if you have the insurance plan.

Is unitrin insurance a viable insurance company?

"Unitrin is most definitely a viable insurance company for consumers and business alike. Affordable and given their core values in strength, stability, service and security you can judge for yourself the viability of such a company."

From which car insurance company can I get cheap rates for my young teen drivers?

Don't expect to hear "cheap rates" and "young teen drivers" in the same sentence with regard to auto insurance. Talk to your agent, who can review the particulars and get you the best rate. Consideration is given to the gender of the teen, academic record, the age and type of car and the access to that vehicle.

You were in an accident your car is a lease and it was your fault and you have no insurance what is going to happen?

You are going to have to pay all cost out of pocket. Also you may be given a severe ticket for driving without insurance.

Three Tips on Getting Cheap Auto Insurance in Texas?

Drivers in the state of Texas must carry the minimum amount of liability insurance required by law, which is $30,000 per injured person, $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. Liability insurance in Texas does not cover damage to your vehicle. It only covers the damage and injuries of the other driver if you are found to be at fault for the accident. Although liability insurance in Texas is required, drivers can find cheap auto insurance that provides the minimum amount of coverage required. Understanding what to look for when shopping for auto insurance can help you find a policy that fits within your budget and provides you with the coverage you need to abide by state laws.Three Tips Texas Drivers Need to Know for Finding Cheap InsuranceWhen looking for cheap auto insurance in Texas, it is imperative that you ask the insurance agent if you qualify for any discounts. The specific discounts offered to drivers vary per insurance company. Discounts offered by insurance companies may be given to students with good grades, drivers with multiple cars and individuals who have other insurance policies with the company. Some insurance companies offer discounts to members of certain affiliations and clubs, such as AARP.A clean driving record is imperative to getting cheap auto insurance. Multiple traffic violations and accidents on your driving record can cause your insurance premium to increase substantially. Many insurance companies reduce the premiums of drivers who take a driver safety course. In most cases, a driver safety course in Texas can be completed in person, by video or online.Comparison shopping is vital to finding cheap auto insurance. The large number of available insurance companies makes it easier to find auto insurance at a reasonable rate. Insurance companies that are exclusively online tend to have the lowest premiums, but it is important to thoroughly research small insurance companies before buying a policy. Many insurance broker websites allow you to receive quotes from multiple insurance companies at the same time by completing a form with your personal information. This helps you to easily compare prices and features of insurance companies.

Will you receivce a settlement even if no one was given a ticket in auto accident?

You could receive a settlement but it doesn't mean you wil. It depends on you insurance policy and the decision made by the insurance company to give it or not.If you are in court then yes you can. this is up to the judge or jury and will be based on how well you present your case and how well they defend the case.

Liability regardless of fault refers to?

Liability regardless of fault refers to the accident benefits which are given by the insurance company which are given to the persons involved in the accident regardless whether the person involved was at fault or not at fault. In Canada this benefits would differ from province to province.Many provinces in Canada now have some level of no-fault insurance in which each person's own insurance company pays for injury or damage up to a certain limit. This applies regardless of whether or not the insured person was at fault. In Quebec and Manitoba, for example, there is a pure no-fault.In Nova Scotia, Section B Accident Benefits coverage is considered to be a no-fault coverage because it is provided regardless of fault. If you are involved in an accident, your own policy will respond to provide many of the immediate medical, rehab and living expenses as well as loss of work.

I have car insurance but police say i dont have car insurance?

You should have been given a proof of insurance card from your insurance company. Call them for it and if necessary present it to the judge, that should clear the matter up.

What does waiver of subrogation mean?

A waiver of subrogation in commercial insurance means that you waive the right for your insurance company to collect reimbursement from the insurance company of the other party. An example would be a subcontractor who is injured by the actions of someone in the employ of the general contractor. If a waiver of subrogation was included in the insurance policy, the subcontractor has given up the right to collect from the insurance company of the general contractor.