Can you fire 44 magnums in a 444 marlin BFR revolver?


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No. Even if they did, it wouldn't be safe to fire them.

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No, you cannot. Even if you can get them to chamber, you won't maintain proper headspacing, and it could result in a chamber explosion, which could, in turn, result in injury or even death to the firer.

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The original Marlin model 444 was produced from 1965-1971.

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no, because the shell length of the 44 magnum is to short to properly function in a 444 marlin. I have a friend who tried it and, it didn't blow up but it actually scratched the barrel because it didn't line up properly.

The 2 letter prefix of AA indicate that your Marlin model 444 was made in the year 1965.

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No, you can not. The 44 Special can be fired in any firearm chambered and marked for the 44 Magnum cartridge. The 444 Marlin is a rifle cartridge (much longer than either the 44 Spl or 44 Mag), and is much more powerful. The 44 Spl and 44 Mag. were designed as handgun cartridges, but have been adapted to a small number of lever-action carbines. Bert H.

I'm not really into the newer Marlins, so can't answer this, but you can check here for an answer:

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