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Yes, Metro PCS allows you to flash this phone.


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it is pn Verizon sprint and at&t

Depends, with Sprint I got: -Palm Centro -Home Charger -USB charger -Sprint CD With Hot Sync and other Info -Specail Sprint Charger (?) -Some Read This Fist Packet -some other Info with palm and your limited warranty

Palm Centro was created in 2007.

Actually the difference is the radios in the device. The Centro 685 uses a GSM radio which is more prevalent in Europe and good for travelers. The Centro 690 uses CMDA which is used by Sprint but doesn't work in the UK for instance (which I discovered on a business trip this year).

i would not recommend a palm centro. The palm trio is a bit better. But the palm centro is to hard to use. I would give the palm centro a 2 out of 5. but the trio 3.5 out of 5. It depends on your use. the palm centro is great for messaging and calendar. for more work related the treo is better.

If the palm centro has a sim card slot then it is an at&t phone (it should say that on the front) then go to an at&t retailer but if it doesn't it is most likely with sprint in which case you would have to call them to reactive the phone on a new plan.

You can't, according to Wikipedia Palm Centro uses XScale CPU, which is ARM architecture, not x86 which is required for Windows 95. Natively it can't run on Palm Centro.

The Palm Centro runs the palm operating system. It is very robust and you can find a lot of downloads for it. The Blackberry is a comparable device.

Sprint: Palm Centro Altel: LG Scoop I'm sure there are others, but I don't know which ones!

All the colors of the phone Palm Centro are:* Blue (NEW) * White * Pink * Black * Red * Navy Blue * Silver

We still use the Palm Centro for our office phones. We have 4 running now for over three years. The are very practical and durable.

The Palm Centro cell phone was marketed by Palm Incorporated. It has been around since it's debut in October of 2007. It fell out of popularity by the end of 2009.

Yes, It comes with a stylus.

Yes it does. It is a nice feature to have also!

yes. white, blue, and black

upgrade: about $200 not upgraded yet: about $400

I would not think so because the Palm Centro didn't just come out, it came out about a couple of years so I would say that the prices are very cheap and low, like the BlackBerry the prices came down because the phone is not brand new. But the Droid is not that cheap so that is why I like the Palm Centro.

it is just like the ok button like any other phone

Not sure, but I think its Justin Timberlake.

The Palm Pre cost about $99.99 from Sprint.

If you have web connection then yes. The palm centro isn't like the Blackberry in the sense that it comes with internet. If you do have web then you can get on youtube but a lot of videos aren't available and the quality is typically pretty bad.

Yup, You need to find Bug-Me note Software and get it to your Centro..Then you can draw on the screen (such as Signiture) and save it as a Picture for sending or anything

There are many different types of palm phones. There are a slide palm phones such as the Pre 2. A flip palm phone such as the Treo 270 or a normal smartphone such as the Centro.

push the white button and the p. use the arrows.

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