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No. However, some of the items are easier to get with the Glider Wings. Unfortunately, you can't use them in 1516 AD because you get them for solving that time. And you can't use them in 1882 AD because that's where Leonardo's notebook is.

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Where in the is the oracle on Time tangled Island?

The oracle is in the building on the hill on Time Tangled Island.

Where is the winged horse on Time tangled island?

There are no horses, winged or otherwise, on Time Tangled Island.

Is there a guy from time tangled island on shark tooth island?

There were characters from Time Tangled Island on several islands during the promotional period for the island. When Time Tangled was released (2008), the characters were removed.

Where is all the stuff on time tangled island?

There are no more secret items on time tangled island, but if you are talking about winning the whole island, go onto youtube and type 'poptopica time tangled island.'

When did Time Tangled Island come out on Poptropica?

Time Tangled Island, the third island of Poptropica, was released in July 2008.

Where is the telephone on time tangled island?

There isn't a phone on Poptropica's Time Tangled Island. There is a cell phone on Nabooti Island.

How do you get the to fly in Poptropica?

You can either fly by getting those big brown paper wing things on Time Tangled Island or when you go in the telephone booth in Super Power Island.

What year was time tangled island on poptropica?

Time Tangled Island was the 3rd island in Poptropica and debuted in 2007, and was originally called Time Twisted Island.

Which island in poptropica has a time travale?

The answer is Time Tangled Island.

What island is after time tangled?

Broken Clock Island.

How do you get the sunglasses in time tangled island?

there are no sunglasses in time tangle island.

Is there a submarine on Time Tangled island?


How do you go to the future on poptropica?

Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island. Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island.

Which island is easy nabooti island or time tangled?

Time tangled island. Seeing as I've already done it, it IS easy. I'm still doing Nabooti Island,though.

In nabooti island where is the time device?

The time device is part of Time Tangled Island, not Nabooti Island.

Where is the knife on time tangled island?

There is no usable knife on the island.

What is the best island on poptropica for you?

It's Time Tangled Island

Were is the decleration in time tangled island?

look for it

How do you get in the chimeney on time tangled island?

You Cant

Where is the atzec empire on poptropica's island time tangled island?

The Aztec Empire is where you get the sun stone piece on Time Tangled Island. It is 1519 AD the picture is a man with headdress.

What do you do after you get the medallion on time tangled island?

you leave and go to a different island

What time is tangle?

all of them,they need help,they are all in a tangled mess,thous making it time tangled island

How do you get the armor on Time Tangled Island?

You can copy armor from the characters there and on Astro Knights Island.Also, at 831 AD on Time Tangled Island, there is a Viking Suit. (see the related question)

How can you fly on every island?

you go to time tangled and get the glideryou go to super power and defeat that islandyou go to early poptropica and defeat the islandyou go to shark tooth and SUCK SOMEBODIES DICK!

How can you fly on Poptropica when you are not at Super Power Island and don't have a jet pack?

Except for "gliding" (glider wings on Time Tangled, balloons on Counterfeit), there is no way for your character to fly on other islands.