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Can you form a band without a bass guitar?


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well, yes

though Bass Guitar is a very important instrument in terms of rhythm and harmony, there is a number of bands who have no bass guitar. One of them I know is Dresden Dolls.

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Comercially, Leo Fender produced the first electric bass guitar, in the form of the P-Bass. Still a popular bass today.

No. There are some very successful bands that do not have a bass guitar, such as White Stripes. Not having a bass simply means you will have to rely on the lower notes on a guitar to take over that role. If you have a keyboard player, they can play bass lines in their left hand while playing chords and melodies in their right hand. The reason why most bands have bass players is because a bassline is an integral part to a lot of music. Having a melody, chords, and a bassline together will make a song sound more "full" or "complete." Also, the bass and drums work together to form a strong foundation that the other instruments and vocalists can build on. The tighter the bass and drums sound, the tighter the overall song will feel. Without the bass, the band relies just on drums to accomplish this.

Guitar, bass, drums, and a shaker (... or some similar form of percussion instrument). The guitar and bass have effects on them.

It is common knowledge that the band Cattle Decapitation is an American deathgrind band from San Diego, California, formed in 1996. The band's current line-up includes Travis Ryan (vocals), Josh Elmore (guitar), Dave McGraw (drums), and Derek Engemann (bass guitar).

Metallica formed in October 28th, 1981 the band consisted of James Hetfield:lead singer and rythm guitar,Dave Mustaine:lead guitar and back up vocals,Ron McGovney :bass,Lars Ulrich:drums

base guitar= does not exist. bass guitar= a form of the stand up bass made to get a different sound and easier for transportation. Folk guitar= usually an acoustic guitar. not a specific brand or type. but an acoustic guitar. Folk guitar is a style like rock guitar, jazz guitar, metal guitar there are not different guitars, and style can be played on any guitar (obviously some are easier on certain types of guitars)

By definition, a band must have at least two members, but most have 3, 4 or 5. To be a rock band, at least one of the instruments must be a guitar. Other instruments may include, bass, drums, keyboard or even horns.

Chis Martin met the lead guitarist in college. Chris saw him playing the guitar, and the band was formed. The other two people in the band, the drummer and the person who plays the bass, where later added to the band. It was originally called "Starfish" (no joke) But it was later changed to "the coldplay" and then just "Coldplay".

I think it was a band form Winnipeg called Inward Eye.They are with J Records, only release so far is a single in GB "SHAME".They are 3 brothers. Anders drummer Kyle guitar and David on bass and lead vocals

No, they did not. Two of Panic! At the Disco's members, Ryan Ross (guitar) and Jon Walker (bass guitar) left the band in 2009 and later came to form the band The Young Veins with Andy Soukal, Nick Murray and Nick White. There are no hard feeling between the bands.

Band. (Just kidding). Add s to make it guitars.

I play guitar. The most obvious reason is that the bass guitar is that gives the song backing so it sounds more full. The rhythm guitar gives more of treble sound but it is more versatile and can give off a bass sound too. Plus the rhythm guitar is more upfront while the bass guitar lurks in the background and fills in to give it a fuller sound. I mean unless you turn the bass up all the way on your stereo you don't really notice unless they play with a pick or if you had good ears or it's a quiet song you can hear the "plunk." Anyways, it's filler, but that's just my answer. It's rhythm and filler. The Bass guitar, along with the bass drum, adds the foundation, or bottom to the song. If you tap your foot to the music, you are tapping to that foundation. The rhythm guitar, fills in the holes, aka filling in the music between the beats of the drums, and the fullness of the bass. Together they form the rhythm section to the song.

Lars Ulrich - DrummerJames Hetfield - Vocals, Rhythm GuitaristKirk Hammett - Lead GuitarRobert Trujillo - BassEx Band MembersCliff Burton - First Bass Player - Died in Tour Bus Accident. RIPDave Mustaine - First Real Lead Guitarist - Fired!.. Went on to form one of the greatest band ever, MEGADETHJason Newsted - Second Bass Player - Left

The difference is that, with Guitar hero 3 you only have a guitar to play. But with Guitar Hero World Tour you can play lead guitar, bass drums and vocals. You also (depending which console you use) have the option of buying additional songs to play and sing to. You also have the ability to play online to form a complete band, even if you only have a guitar yourself. All of this coupled with a far better designed and ergonomic guitar makes "World Tour" a better game by far

Basses is the plural form of 'bass' (A musical instrument). Bass is the plural form of 'bass' (A fish).

In the game Guitar Hero 3, the song "Monsters" is playable in its original form as performed by the band Matchbook Romance.

Yes, the guitar controller form Guitar Hero 3 is compatible with Guitar Hero 4 (World Tour). Just turn on the wii-mote in the guitar controller and it should recognize it in the game. Keep in mind that only one player can be the guitarist and the other has to play the bass guitar. Hope this helps... have fun and ROCK ON!!!

You will need some form of amp if it's an electric, or you and everyone else will have big trouble hearing what you play. Stand up bass is loud enough in small room settings.

First find people who either play the following instruments already or would be willing to learn: electric guitar bass guitar drum saxophone trombone trumpet Possibly: other brass instruments organ Ska is characterized by a walking bass line and rhythms on offbeats. Ska is a mix of Caribbean mento and calypso, American jazz, rhythm and blues, you would need to listen and learn music with these qualities. good luck :)

All answers to this question will be in the form of opinion... Jaco Pastorious used a Fander Jazz Bass, and Bootsy Collins uses a custom Ed Roman bass with Fender Jazz Bass style pickups. So I'd say a Fender Jazz bass would at least be suitable for funk. But the funk is not in the bass, you understand... the groove is in the heart.

in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form

Which form of energy is the guitar producing

The Psychedelic Furs are an English post-punk/New Wave band founded in 1977. Led by singer Richard Butler and his brother Tim on bass guitar, the Psychedelic Furs are one of the many acts spawned from the British post-punk scene.

The plural form of BASS is BASSES. It's truly grammatically correct.

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