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It is not recommended as a safe practice.

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Q: Can you freeze a sanwhich that has mayo on it?
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What has the author Ray A Freeze written?

Ray A. Freeze has written: 'Mayo de Los Capomos, Sinaloa' -- subject(s): Mayo language (Piman)

Can you freeze seafood salad?

No, you cannot freeze seafood salad because of the mayo. It will separate and become watery.

How many calories in a tuna sanwhich?

120 calories

How many calories in gyro meat?

630 in a gyro sanwhich with condiments.

Can you freeze spinach dip made with sour cream and mayo?

i dont think you can but you could try if you want to!

Can you freeze cranberry apple jello mayo walnut salad?

Yes, you can, although the taste and texture may be altered a little.

Can you freeze chicken salad made with mayo and egg?

u can try it but it may not work maybe it will work MAYBE IT WILL WORK

What is Emmanuel Doe favorite food?

His favorite food is grill chicken and sanwhich

Does a Big Mac or a Whopper have more nutrition?

the heltheir sanwhich is the big mac

Name a sanwhich you can get at any deli?

ham sandwich and chicken salad sandwich

How do you make good breaded chicken sanwhich?

chicken they or not called rooster sandwich

Can i freeze mayonnaise?

if you mean could you freeze something like tuna salad chicken salad made with mayonnaise, the answer would be "No". Freezing would cause the mayo to break down and you would have a watery, unappetizing product.

What are all the different types of sanwhich combinations for meats cheeses breads condements and vegetables?


What vitamins and minerals do Mc Donald big mac chickenburger have?

There is no sanwhich called the Big Mac Chickenburger

Who is darko?

The high profile sandwhich constructor. See Who made the biggest submarine sanwhich ever?

Can you freeze a sandwich that has mayonnaise on it?

Mayonnaise is a compound product that has oil in it. When you freeze it, the oil separates from the eggs and other ingredients, leaving you with a nasty mess. You are better off freezing the sandwich without any mayo, or lettuce, which also freezes poorly, and adding them after you've thawed/reheated your food. However! If you use Miracle Whip, you can indeed freeze it.

Who won the GAA football All Ireland final in 1936?


Who swallowed the sandwich islands?

HawaiiOnce called the Sanwhich Island and the natives called it Hawaii

Can you freeze ham salad?

You can freeze ham salad but the quality will suffer. The mayo will separate and you'll lose a fair amount of water from the ham and whatever veggies you put into the salad. What you can do is make the ham salad into ham croquettes which will freeze nicely. To a pound of ham salad add 1 egg and enough bread crumbs to tighten it up so you can form patties. Form into patties, dredge in flour and pan fry over medium heat until nicely browned on both sides. These you can freeze and defrost.

Who invented mayo scissors?

The Mayo scissors were invented by Charles Horace Mayo and William Charles Mayo. They were brothers, doctors, and the founders of the famous Mayo Clinic.

How many calories in tablespoon of mayo?

Regular mayo - 100 Reduced fat mayo- 45 No fat mayo - 15

What is the birth name of Mayo Newhall?

Mayo Newhall's birth name is William Mayo Newhall.

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