Freezing and Drying Food

Freezing and drying are two common methods of preventing food spoilage. Ask how to freeze and dry specific foods here.

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Will it hurt you to eat freezer ice?

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Best not. If you have a freezer with old-style freon, it could make you sick. Also it hurts you teeth and can harshly crack them, it can make your mouth sore also.. just suck on the ice. Don't crunch it.
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What is cassava cake?

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A Filipino traditional Holiday Sweet. See the link below. Cassava is made from Yucca root. The root is ground into a flour. Yucca root is good for the joints and arthritic pain.
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Can you freeze garlic?

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Sure, as long as you're going to cook it anyway! I have grown garlic for years, and at first I used other storage methods like braiding it, or storing it in a mesh bag. That works fine for six months, but after that it either rots or withers up. But two years ago, I broke the bulbs into cloves, put them in a freezer bag, and waited to see what would happen. The result? The flavor is almost perfectly preserved, but the texture becomes much like other frozen vegetables. The flesh is still firm but translucent. It keeps in the freezer for many months. I did not peel the cloves before freezing, which protected against freezer burn; I just broke up the bulbs and left things the way they were. To sum up, frozen garlic tastes great, and is fine for roasts, soups, spaghetti sauce or other cooked foods. And oh yes, frozen garlic is much, much easier to peel! Yes Yes you can freeze garlic. I get the big container of the fresh peeled garlic at Costco and I place it on a baking sheet and drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and bake at 350 degrees until golden brown and soft. I blend it in the food processor until it is a paste and place small amounts in those little snack size zip-lock baggies and place in the freezer. This is great for all kinds of recipes. Yes, but... Why on earth would you want to freeze garlic? If you have a huge crop of it in your garden, give some away. If you practise the false economy of buying fresh foods on 'special' and keeping them for a rainy day, don't. The only reason to freeze fresh foods is if you live a long, long way from civilization and make only sporadic trips to the stores. Otherwise, buy just as much garlic in your weekly grocery shop as you think you'll need. If you've a few cloves over that are starting to sprout, stick them in your garden. Actually... No, when certain compounds in garlic get below 35 they denature. The garlic will not taste the same. It will be harsher than fresh garlic. Some people don't mind and they use refrigerated or frozen garlic but most really picky cooks feel the time spent preping fresh garlic for each recipe is worth the more complex flavour. Sure - I do it all the time, with oil I spend no more than half an hour every six months or so peeling 250g garlic as soon as I buy it, while it is still crisp and fresh. Press each clove with a knife to make it easier to peel. Then peel them, and then chop them up just a bit and put them through a blender with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of olive oil. It makes a nice smooth mush which I then store in a jar with a good lid, and place in the freezer door for easy access. It can be prised out with a knife in suitable chunks quite easily and thaws in no time. There is absolutely no waste. Prior to trying this, most of my garlic went limp and started sending out shoots before I could use it. PLS NOTE: A lot of websites warn that storing garlic in oil can cause botulism. So be very cautious about doing it. As with most seasonings and vegetables, freezing in air tight containers or plastic wrap for a few weeks at a time should have no ill effects. However, it would be best to leave the garlic in clove form, minced or chopped garlic should be ok if not too moist at the time of freezing (helping with freezer-burn / off taste.) And as with onions, Arm & Hammer helps keep garlic odors down.
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Can you freeze cooked potatoes?

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You can but they get grainy when you thaw them. It works better to only cook them partially and then freeze them. When you thaw them you can finish the cooking and they aren't so grainy. A potato dish like scalloped potatoes or mashed potatoes have the same problem. The freezing process separates the water from the potatoes and makes the texture grainy when they are thawed. But it's not as noticable in a prepared dish as in just plain potatoes.
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Can tabbouleh be frozen?

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Tabbouleh CAN be frozen, however, the fresh herbs as well as the Bulgar Wheat can be effected by the process. It can have an effect on the texture, as well as the flavor. Not to the point it is inedible, but, you can definitely taste a difference. The tomatoes and onions can often become soft after freezing and thawing, as well.
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Can you refreeze imitation crab?

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it is not recommended to re- freeze any food product that has been partially defrosted due to the growth of harmful bacteria.
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Can you freeze almond bark?

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DEFINITELY! In fact I recommend it. The bark will melt much smoother after being frozen.
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Is freezer burn fish safe to eat?

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I was wondering the same thing and apparently it IS safe to eat and discarding freezer burned fish/meat is more for "quality" reasons. Heavily freezer burned food should probably not be eaten just because it wont taste too great. For less freezer-burned food, just cut away the pieces before or after cooking.
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How does dehydrated food work?

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Dehydrated food has had the majority of its water removed via heat and air flow. Various foods' water compositions are quite high, usually over 80% for fruits and vegetables. Removing the majority of a food's water allows the food to be preserved and stored for longer periods of time. It is a food's water which interacts with various bacteria and molds to cause spoilage.Removing a food's water limits the ability of bacteria to grow and shorten a food's shelf life.
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How do I defrost a Frozen cooked chicken?

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In the refrigerator is best, but if you don't have time, then on the defrost cycle in your microwave.
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Is pavlova a cook chill or cook freeze product?

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Pavlova is baked meringue primarily made from eggwhite. Therefore, it cannot be frozen. It is strictly cook-chill, although it does not need to be kept in the fridge.
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How long will cooked ham last in the freezer in a freezer bag?

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This food can be frozen for a year or two. Freezing is the best way to store meats.Make sure the bag is a freezer bag and not a storage bag.
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How many times can you reset jelly?

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I would say almost infinitely. The main problem you will have is the sugars in the jelly. The more often you heat and reheat it, the more likely the sugars are to crystallize. No one likes crunchy jelly.
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How long can you freeze cooked pork loin?

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Cooked meats, well wrapped, are best used within 3 months of freezing. The pork loin may keep longer than that but the freezing dries out meat and affects its texture and quality when thawed and reheated.
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Can sugar be stored in a freezer?

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no. It should be stored in a pantry. Because if you store it in a freezer than it would be frozen.
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Can you freeze after you cook the fish?

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Yes, you can freeze fish after cooking it. Make sure it is well-wrapped to prevent freezer burn and use it within 4 to 6 months. The quality will degrade even while frozen, so consuming it earlier is desirable.
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Can you freeze fresh mushrooms?

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Yes they can be frozen. Pack them in baggies of water to keep the from getting freezer burnt. You can keep them for up to a year.
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What can you use as a substitute for cheesecloth?

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Possible cheesecloth substitutes include the following: muslin coffee filters (the paper kind) white pillow cases or bed sheets pantyhose medical gauze (the holes/spaces are a little larger than in cheesecloth so you just have to double or triple it up. But it works perfectly).
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Can chili con queso be frozen?

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Yes, but it might separate somewhat when it's thawed. You can probably correct this by stirring it vigorously.