Can you freeze cheese?

Freeze Cheese

Yes, cheese can be frozen.

Here is more advice from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • I always buy big quantities of cheese and then separate it and then freeze it.
  • Shredded cheese will easily keep at least 6 months in the freezer. After defrosting, it's best used in recipes where it will be melted. Frozen whole cheese suffers some changes in texture, so it's not recommended for serving raw.
  • I think the freezing process breaks down the cellular structure of foods, and this affects certain foods more than others. I've found that the harder cheeses do not freeze well, e.g., cheddar becomes very crumbly, thus making it nearly impossible to slice, or for making dishes such as cheese sauce or Mac & cheese grainy.

    On the other hand, softer cheeses - such as Provolone - aren't too bad, but I still find it difficult to separate the slices after freezing, even though the slices have paper in-between.

  • Cheese can be frozen, but freezing will impact the melting characteristics of the cheese and change the taste. Cheaper cheeses actually freeze better; it is the better cheeses that should not be frozen.