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Q: Can you gain weight from diet soda?
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Does diet soda make you gain weight?

Yes. Diet soda has less sugar than regular soda, but diet soda still makes people gain weight. I heard that the calories in soda (empty calories also found in potatoes chips and other junk foods) are not burned by the body, but are stored as fat. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually diet soda can not make people gain weight due to the fact that there is no fat, calories, sugars, etc in it. Except maybe the ingredients in diet soda could maybe be fating but other wise diet soda in the long run can not make people gain weight. Although sugar coke is high in sugars and calories.

Can Diet Coke and weight gain be related?

Yes it is possible. Recent studies in animals have linked diet sodas or sugar substitutes to weight gain. Apparently the diet soda will not cause the weight gain but it will prompt behaviors of over eating.

Does drinking pop make you fat?

It depends on how much you consume. Soda has sugar in it, and if you do not burn more calories than you are taking in, you will gain weight. Diet soda has no sugar or calories, so you will not gain weight solely from drinking it.

How can diet sodas cause weight gain?

Despite saying "diet", even diet sodas have a few calories in them (around 2 or 3 per 8 oz. can). Also, the ingredients used to sweeten or flavor the soda aren't always very healthy, even if they are low-cal. You can also become addicted to soda, and so much of even diet soda can cause you to gain weight.

Does soda make you gain weight?

Most sodas contain large amounts of sugar, which can cause you to gain weight.Even diet sodas can contain a high number of calories.

How can you gain weight in one month in healthy way at home?

You can Gain Weight through proper diet and exercise everyday. Proper diet plays an important role in gaining weight. please check the below link for information about proper weight gain diet.

What is the difference between diet soda regular soda?

Diet soda typically has no sugar, but it makes up for it in aspartame, which is NOT healthy at all. Diet soda is not a guaranteed way to lose weight.

Why do people diet?

people diet to gain or lose weight

Where can I find information about weight gain diet on the Internet?

Weight gain diets are designed for people who are very thin or have difficulty gaining weight. I have been put on a weight gain diet in the past without success. There is a site called thednadiet dot com that will provide you with information on the weight gain diet.

If you drink diet soda will you gain weight?

Consuming more calories than we burn causes obesity. Soft drinks which are packed with calories have been blamed for the obesity problem. So, people switched to diet soda which has a sweet taste with few calories. However, new research and studies show that diet soda may cause weight gain.Diet soda contains sugar substitutes such as aspartame, saccharin and sucralose. They are many times sweeter than sugar, but have lesscalories. So, drinking diet soda should be a safer option. However, research shows that diet soda-weight gain are related. In fact, a new research by Purdue University showed that rats that ate sweetened sugar gained more weight than rats that ate simple sugar.Why Does Drinking Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight?Here are a few reasons for diet soda - weight gain:Calorie Deficit: Experts say that our brain has a link between the taste and calories. So, when you eat a sugary food, the brain expects the calories to come along with it. When the body does not get the calories along with the diet soda -you tend to overeat to compensate the calories.Increases preference for sugar: Drinking diet soda regularly can increase your sugar cravings. Sugar has been found to be addictive. So, when you drink diet soda regularly, you may be programming yourself for a high preference for sweet foods - which in turn can result in weight gain.Replaces Healthy Drinks: When you drink diet soda, you would be having less of healthy drinks such as fruits juices and water - which are important to stay healthySwitching to diet soda is recommended if you consume large amounts of soft drinks and are planning to cut down. However, having 4 to 5 drinks of diet soda can lead to long term weight loss. So, instead of diet soda, have more of water or an occasional fruit juice to prevent diet soda-weight gain.Drink Yourself Healthy

Will a high carb diet cause you to gain weight?

Eating more calories than you burn up causes you to gain weight. If you can burn up a high carb diet, you won't gain weight.

Where can I find diet tips if I need to add weight instead of lose weight?

You can find diet tips for weight-gain on the following sites:,,,,, There are many more sites on internet for this information.

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