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You can make a .NET DLL for use in Visual Studio development projects with Phalanger 2.0.

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How do you edit PHP and Perl scripts?

I am asking the question?>>PHP ,Perl scripts can be edited with help of editors like Editplus,Notepad++ OR you can also use Zend IDE.

How can the browser recognize the line of code in an HTML document as belonging to a script?

There are a number of ways that help the browser recognise scripts. Scripts can be inside script tags. They can be in events associated with controls, like having an onClick event in a button. Scripts can be in external files that are linked into a html page. Whatever way it is done, if the web designer does it correctly, the browser will recognise and run the scripts.

How do you generate true random numbers?

True random numbers need a number frame to give it space. Try perl. type in $randomnumber1=int(rand(200))+1; you can change the 200 to anything you like and it will generate a random number between whatever your number is and one.

What is the command echo in unix mean?

it is a command in unix and unix like operating systems that places a string on the computer terminal.It is typically used in shell scripts and bath files screen or a file.

Is there a free demo for Pokemon Platinum?

maybe at like walmart like they did with diamond and perl

What are scripts of languages Like Hindi Devanagari?


What are scripts of languages Like Hindi - Devanagari?


What are files used for?

files are your own piece of poo and like to

What are the examples of scripts for chamber theatre presentation?

it could be like an Oedipus Rex Presentation

Can an ac motor generate electricity?

An ac motor cannot generate electricity but its shaft can be coupled to that of certain devices like an alternator to in order to generate electricity.

Script languages in windows are what type of script?

Most scripts written inside of Windows are written using Visual Basic, or a Visual Basic derivative, like Windows Script Host (created for things like logon scripts on networks.)

Mitochondria is like?

They are like power houses.Thats because the generate energy.

How the stars generate energy like your sun?

They generate as much energy as Becky Crossfield eats in a buffet :P

How can you generate energy?

You can generate energy with several ways like wind, water turbine, mechanical force and more.

Where can you find a Oliver Twist script?

You can find entire pdf file of different variations of scripts for Oliver Twist online. You can also find scripts for classics like Oliver Twist in used bookstores.

How do you get Shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Perl?

its really rare its like 1/8243 chance of finding one in the wild i believe

Which programming language does PHP resemble?

PHP uses a Perl-like syntax, but is simpler, less consistent and more limited.

How do you make apple documents compatible with hp computers?

All files are already compatible like ZIP-files, DOC-files, TXT-files, Images etc

Can you download files to your phone that customize it like .zip files?

Yes, this can be done.

Are files and folders the same thing?

No The files are programmed applications with extensions whereas the folders is like a wallet u keep the files in it

How do you convert RAR files to MP3?

.rar files are not multimedia files, so you can't play them. A RAR file is an archive, just like .zip or .tar that can contain one or more compressed files. You can extract those files from the .rar archive and play them (if they are audio files). You can use a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip unpack them.

How do you call a perl program from javascript?

You can call the Script like this, <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> So you just replace a regular Javascript Call ( .js ) with the .pl Script. Inside the Perl Script you will have to use embraced Javascript Functions / Code, f.e. like print "document.write.('Hello World');";.

What is a fake virus?

A fake virus is something that looks like a virus, but is a "contained virus" in a way because the user of the "infected" computer can just shutdown their computer, and it will be all good again. A good way to make these fake viruses are via command prompt (batch files), and java scripts.

How do muscles and muscle like tissues generate force?

it doesnt

Do you guys have files on children that have been abuse?

Sorry, Most files like that are kept confidential.