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Can you get AIDS from eating fish?

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Do fish get aids?


Can you get aids by eating after someone?


Can you get AIDS from eating the flesh of someone infected with AIDS?

Yes you certainly can.

What does it mean when you taste fish while eating?

That your eating fish

Is a clown fish edible?

Clown fish are edible however they have a very scaley and slimy skin, therefore this may affect the human taste organs (tongue). In conclusion, i do not recommend eating this substance. THE NOSE OF THE FISH MUST BE REMOVED AS THERE MAY BE A CHANCE OF CATCHING FISH AIDS.

How do you stop a fish from eating a fish?

its unlikely you can stop a fish from eating another fish without taking that fish that's being eaten out of the fish tank.

What are Algae eating fish?

algae eating fish are any fish that eat the algae off of the tank

What body parts of fish use when they eating?

what does part of fish use for eating

What does it mean when you dream of eating fish?

Eating boiled fish means joy. Eatingfried fish means big worries Eating cod fish means will receive good news

What do you call fish eating eagles?

Any fish-eating eagle could be simply known as a piscivorous eagle. This just means "fish eating eagle"

Do sharks love eating fish?

yes they love eating fish it is their main deit

What is a gay fish doing when he eats lobster?

Eating Eating Eating

What is the tradition for eating fish on Good Friday?

There is no tradition of eating fish on Good Friday. There is a tradition of not eating meat on Good Friday.

What do man eating fish use for barbeques?

Man eating fish use sharkcoal for barbecues.

Why the fish less than before?

because they have aids.

What is a mosquito fish eaten by?

Larger fish and fish eating birds.

Eating clown fish?

== == larger fish and me mahahahahahah

Can the needle fish be eating by other fish?

yes they can

How do fish eating birds catch fish?

They catch them.

Is eating fish healthy?

yes, eating fish is in face healthy for you. it as very healthy, nutrishious meat

What is a consumer in a pond ecosystem?

a consumer in a pond ecosystem could be a fish eating a piece of algae, or a bigger fish eating a smaller fish.

What kinds of fish did the Navajo fish?

Traditionally, eating fish was taboo to Navajos.

What is fish good for?


Why do dogs lay down after eating?

Same reason as most animals lay down after eating, it aids digestion.

What do man eating fish use for barbecue?

their toppings are they use the mans Shirt for barbecue ,a man eating fish