Can you get Puppetmon in dawn?

There are two ways to get Puppetmon The ways the first is by doing it by getting Kapurimon then digivolve it to Kotemon then to Omekamon then to Tekkamon then to Puppetmon. The other way is by making this digi-egg Machine Egg (Machine)

Required Digimon 1: Machine Digimon at Lv60+

Required Digimon 2: Machine Digimon at Lv60+

Hatching Requirements: Machine EXP 6000+

Hatched Digimon: Puppetmon, Machinedramon, Ebemon, Boltmon P.S to digivolve Tekkamon to Puppetmon you need to have Machinedramon and 20,000 machine EXP