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probably not

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Q: Can you get a 17 year old without a high school deploma into a military academy?
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Is culver academy just a military academy?

Yes. It is a military academy. There is no 'civilian' school, apart from it's summer camps.

When was United States Military Academy Preparatory School created?

United States Military Academy Preparatory School was created in 1947.

What is United States Military Academy Preparatory School's motto?

The motto of United States Military Academy Preparatory School is 'Desire · Faith · Effort'.

Is an all boys school a solution for his high libido?

Yes there are many all boys schools in US. Such as Archbishop Riordan High School, Army and Navy Academy, Avon Old Farms School, Blue Ridge School, Bridgton Academy, Camden Military Academy, Cardigan Mountain School, Carson Long Military Academy, CFS, The School at Church Farm, Chamberlain-Hunt Academy, Eagle brook School, Marine Military Academy etc.

Are there any military schools near Roanoke, Virginia?

There is Fishburne Military School. There is also Fishburne Military School academy.

Is Forestville Military Academy a public school?

yes it is

Information on military prep schools.?

You can find The United States Military Academy Prep School at Also, you can try Fork Union Military Academy, and Hargrave Military Academy.

Do you need a high school deploma to be a cop?


What schools did Harry Truman attend after high school?

the school USA military academy

What is the tuition to go to the army school?

If by "The Army School" you mean the United States Military Academy at West Point, there is none. Academy Cadets are, in fact, military personnel and thus are paid to be there.

How old do you have to be to work at Sportsman's warhouse?

well at least till you have your deploma and if you don t you problay have to have your high school deploma

What military school did Poe attend after the military?

Poe attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, but did not graduate.

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