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Can you get a Ho-oh in Pokemon Yellow?

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2011-09-12 14:52:02

This guy is somewhat right. I'm not sure if your aware but there

are glitches in Pokemon yellow like the missing no. glitch.

However, you can use this glitch to catch certain Pokemon you

shouldn't be able to get by going to areas where certain trainers

see you immediately as you are in their view. Once you get in their

view you hit start then go to Pokemon and fly away somewhere else.

Then have a battle with a specific Pokemon trainer on the map and

then fly to seafoam island. Fish and catch missing no. then you

will get a specific Pokemon. I got Mew this way, a Pokemon you only

are supposed to get with the promo release of yellow version. You

can Google Pokemon yellow version glitches. One time I found out

how to get hoho a Pokemon in Joto. I did the glitch and believe it

or not I caught hoho. But the downside was that when you catch hoho

the game freaks out and crashes deleting your saved game. Short

story you cant but you can have one appear as missing no.

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