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I don't think so.

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Q: Can you get a business loan if you work part time and have bad credit and do not own or rent a house?
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How important is my Credit Score when applying for a business loan?

Credit scores are an essential part in examining a business loan application. Most lenders consider the way a person manages his or her personal credit a great indicator of how business enterprise credit can be dealt with. Before applying for a business loan you ought to get a duplicate of your personal credit report. Despite with a remarkable business strategy, a bad credit score can prevent you from getting a business loan.

Do I Have To Be Signed In With A Credit Union To Get A Loan?

The credit union is really a mutual lender and therefore is possessed by its members, every one of whom is really a shareholder. Yes, you've got to be part of the credit union to get a business loan.

Where can i get a bad credit business loan?

You need Business Loan or Government Grants for starting small business. This answer should be broken up into 2 parts. The first part addresses bad credit personal loans. has a trusted site that focuses on finding individuals personal loans with bad credit. The second part of this answer addresses bad credit business loans. Finding a business loan with bad credit is much easier for a business than an individual. Private lenders today like offer business loans with bad credit and small business owners get approved based mostly on the strength of company revenues.

Does The Lender Review The Business Owner's Personal Credit?

Yes. Like any business loan, the business owner’s personal credit score will be part of the applicationand approval process. However, unlike many customary resources of funding, challenged credit is not an automated disqualifier!

Is it easier for a person with poor credit to refinance their house with the help of a cosigner who has excellent credit?

It can be easier if you use their credit by putting them on title on the home and use there credit, however they will be responsible for the loan and be on title as at least a part owner. If you use another persons credit to do a refinance, the other person must in most title states be put on title and will be responible for the loan even if you both sign which you would have to do.

Will a car loan affect chances of getting a school loan?

In the US, no it won't. Your credit and job history do not play a part in student loan eligibility.

Interest paid on loan to buy an asset-asset or liability or expense?

Loan acquired to buy an asset is a liability of business so interest incurred on that loan is also part of that loan and that's why it is also the liability of business.

If you include your house in a bankruptcy chapter 7 how will this show on your credit report Will it show included in bankruptcy or as a separate foreclosure?

If your home loan is included in your bankruptcy, the code describing your repayment behavior on your credit report for this loan will change. If the bank forecloses on your home, the code describing your repayment behavior on your credit report for this loan will change. The loan will have one coded description of your repayment behavior. Credit Agencies only care about your repayment habits, not which mechanism cost you your home. There is no separate report. Your credit is going to be BAD for many years. Whether the house was part of the bankruptcy or whether it was taken in a foreclosure action will not matter (it's not like one is better than the other).

Will an auto loan that has multiple borrowers appear on each of the borrowers credit reports?

Yes. If there are multiple borrowers responsible for the loan, regardless of how they are part of the loan (either co-signer or a joint borrower), the status of the auto loan will appear on their respective credit reports. However, if the auto loan is guaranteed by another person other than the borrower, the guarantor will NOT have the auto loan appear on their credit report UNLESS the loan goes into default.

Do you have to have have homeowners insurance with a credit line?

Yes, if the line of credit is a home equity line where the home is the collateral for the loan then you will have to prove that you have insurance on the home for the home equity loan. Any time you use collateral for a loan then part of the loan agreement will involve proof of insurance on the collateral.

Does The Lender Need A Credit Check?

Yes, the lenders carry out a credit check on the business enterprise and the owner’s partners or administrators of the business as a part of their automated decision making procedure. they're handiest interested in lending to organizations they agree with can quite simply manage to pay for to repay according to the billing agenda so make sure a business loan is suitable for your business before applying.

Your name is on the loan but not on the house deed what happens when you get divorced?

You still owe your part of the loan. Are you sure you are not listed on the deed? Check that out. You could possibly get part of the equity in the house if it is sold that could pay off your part of the loan. Go get a good lawyer. I had a bad one and didn't get the equity I deserved.

Where can someone with bad credit apply for a auto loan?

For people with bad credit it is not impossible to get a car loan. Some financial companies give credit to people who have had past credit issues. Using these companies result in higher interest rate premiums. For the most part you can often qualify for a car loan if you clean up your bad credit rating and applying for loans at the right places. Places you can apply for an auto loan is Bad Credit Auto Loans and Road Loans.

With a credit score of 776 how can I get a 55000 personal loan with no collaterial?

Please note that your credit score is only one aspect of the credit approval process. There is debt to income ratio, the capacity to repay the loan, collateral is part of the process, other factors. Also depending on what you want to use the loan for is also a factor. If you want a no-questions asked loan, with a great credit score you are entiled to a low interest rate credit card that would give you that 5500 no collateral loan. Phil Turner

How Does A Business Plan Factor Into The Loan Application Process?

Business plans are important for startup businesses. The SBA program requires a business plan as part of the loan application process, and your lender can help you in writing one.

How does one go about getting a business loan?

One goes about getting a business loan by going to their local bank and applying for one. One can also seek out loans from enthusiastic investors who want a part in the business.

If you take out a loan and then you die who pays for it?

Either insurance or the estate. Some lending institutions provide "credit life insurance" which pays off the loan. If that is not part of the loan, the estate will be required to sell assets to cover the loan.

My mortgage company says I have a double approval and I'm just waiting for underwriting for an FHA loan. Can I still be denied in underwriting for the loan?

Yes. underwriting is the process where they do final verification and approval of your loan ensuring that you have provided all the appropriate and truthful information. In banking, underwriting is the detailed credit analysis preceding the granting of a loan based on credit information furnished by the borrower, such as employment history, salary and finances; publicly available information, such as the borrower's credit history, which is detailed in a credit analysis and the lender's evaluation of the borrower's credit needs and ability to pay Mortgage company means nothing, underwriters mean everything as they represent the financial part of the institution giving you the loan to buy the house.

Can a spouse's business tax lien affect your credit rating?

I would say it depends on a real crucial issue: Are you part owner of the business? If not, his liens and/or credit issues should not appear on your credit. Yes

What are the ways by which business organization raise capital?

1.SALES OF SHARES: shares are sold to the public and the proceeds becomes part of the company's capital 2. DEBENTURES: This is a loan raised from the public with a fixed interest rate. 3.TRADE CREDIT: buying raw materials etc. On credit 4.Bank loan and overdraft. 5.PLOUGHED BACK PROFIT: Reinvesting part of profits made. POSTED BY MOHAMED DAINKEH.

Do you agree that a business plan is a waste of time and money?

A business plan is an important part of starting a business. Without a business plan, you will be unprepared when things don't work out, causing you to lose money or even your business. Most loan companies require a business plan before they wil approve you for a loan.

When did credit cards start?

Credit cards were invented in 1950 by Frank X. McNamara and some buddies while out at dinner. it is part of the loan in every way

Can you take the fees credit card companies charge you for accepting credit card cards in your business as a tax write off?

These fees are part of the cost of doing business and reduce your taxable business income the same as other business expenses do.

Is interest on partners loan a part of appropriation of profit?

Interest on loan to a business is a finance cost. Irrespective who the loan is coming from, the cost of sericing the loan, that is, the interest, is to be charged in the Income Statement. In theory it is not an appropriation (division) of profit.

What is a good credit card processing service that will allow me take credit card orders for my online business?

I would say using Paypal or Paynet Systems would be the best way to handle your credit card part of the business. This will be the most cost effective way to use credit cards for your business.