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No, you can not get insurance unless you have at least one licensed driver on a policy.

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how do i get car insurance with just my learners permit?

You can but it will be expensive on Insurance

can you buy a new car with learners permit?

No, the learners permit is good only for the operation of the instructional vehicle.

Yes you do If you have a learners permit, you should always be accompanied by an adult that has a valid drivers license , And yes the car most be insured.

How can insurance go up if you don't have it? You have to have it first for it to go up.

You must either have a driver's license or be insured under a licensed driver's insurance. If you are a minor, your parents can add you to their car insurance.

An you insure your car with a learners permit in NYC

No, you cannot legally drive a car even by yourself with a learners permit. A learners permit is just to show that some one is teaching you how to drive therefore you really aren't experienced driver yet. You must be 18 to have your own car insurance also. So therefore you *COULD NOT* buy a car from a dealer.Another View: There is nothing in the law that states that you must hold a valid drivers license in order to purchase a vehicle - and you do NOT need insurance in order to buy it. You only need to have it insured if the vehicle is being operated on the public roads.The question of whether you can buy insurance or not is up to the individual insurance company. If you pay them the premium I'm sure they'll be glad to insure the car.JUST REMEMBER - you CANNOT drive the vehicle legally if you are not fully licensed or in conformance with your learners permit.

No, the insurance is ONLY for the car. If youdon't own a car you don't have to pay for insurance - UNLESS - your folks have to pay extra to add you to their insurance coverage. Then THEY may make want you to pay for the difference in their rates.

Yes But He Needs To Have A Learners Permit. Answerd By TG

Cars can not be leased without having an actual license. A learners permit is only to be used for practicing to drive to receive an driver's license.

If your insurance company allows you to do this, you will also need to have another driver listed on your policy. This is mandatory because the learners permit only allows you to drive under the supervision of a properly licensed driver. They will have to be listed as a driver on the policy as well.

As long as the Adult:Has properly informed the insurance companyHas insuranceWas not drunk or otherwise negligent.

It's not usually necessary to declare you as a driver with the learner's permit. That comes when you get your license and can drive indepentently.

In my state WV the answer is no. You can not. It might be diffrent in other states but I don't think so.

It is more expensive but the risk of a car accident is much higher. In case of a lawsuit it is well worth it.

You must have someone 25 years of age or older in the car if you have a learners permit.

To get a learners permit you have to be 16 in most states but not all. In some you can get a learners permit at 14 or 15. Click the link:

Depending on the state, all states allow properly licensed young drivers with a learners permit to operate a vehicle. This is to assume that the young driver is listed on the policy as he should be as a driver on the policy.

Yes, you or your parents, or the insurance company of whoever owns the car you are driving.

Yes, children with a learners license should always be reported to your insurance company. Most companies will not charge an additional premium for drivers with a learners permit but they must be added as a driver.

In order to drive a car, you must have insurance. You do not have to have insurance with a permit if you're not planning on driving the car.

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