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No. You can appeal the court's decision but any custody case will usually be managed in the court of jurisdiction. You need to consult with an attorney in your area, one who specializes in custody and family law. You can file a petition for custody and/or a visitation schedule. Unless there is a question of fitness of the parent, courts seek to encourage healthy relationships with the child and both parents. You could visit the court and ask to speak with an advocate if you cannot afford to consult with an attorney.

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Q: Can you get a change of venue awarded in a custody situation?
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How do you change the state of venue for child custody case?

Easy. Just petition court for exactly that. A change of venue...its determined by where the child lives.

How do you make your custody case be heard in another court?

Request a change of venue, but you need a reason.

How can I make my custody case be heard in another court?

File a motion for change of venue. Why do you need it?

The movement of a trial from one location to another?

Change of Venue

To ask another court to hear your case is called?

Requesting a CHANGE OF VENUE.

How much does a change of venue cost?

A change of venue is a court decision, and if granted, the cost is borne by the court system.

How much does change of venue cost?

A change of venue is a court decision, and if granted, the cost is borne by the court system.

Do the custody papers you obtained stop you from paying child support?

It's not necessarily automatic. You should show the custody order to the venue that issued the child support order.

How do you file for change of venue in civil case in Iowa?

do I have to file a bfief to file for a motion for change of venue in civil case

How can you get your parental right's hearing changed to the county you live in now versus the county in which your divorce was filed?

The person must petition the court where the original divorce/custody hearing was given for a change of venue. There must be reasonable and substantiated evidence of why the change of venue is necessary. The other parent will have the option to testify against a change of venue, and also will need to show evidence of why they oppose it. The judge will weigh the evidence and render a decision as to whether or not the action is neccessary. The petitioner, of course will be obligated to pay all court costs and other applicable fees.

How do you correct arrears and payment of child support as a mother paying unemployed full time grad student paperwork ignored in court 4 yrs and now have custody of 1 child father has custody of oth?

If court will not accept a filing, request a change of venue. see link below

How do you you Obtain Custody when you are not a parent?

You file a motion in the appropriate venue. FYI, the law generally awards custody to the parent(s) or, failing that, grandparent(s) or other suitable member of the extended family.