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Can you get a change of venue awarded in a custody situation?


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No. You can appeal the court's decision but any custody case will usually be managed in the court of jurisdiction. You need to consult with an attorney in your area, one who specializes in custody and family law. You can file a petition for custody and/or a visitation schedule. Unless there is a question of fitness of the parent, courts seek to encourage healthy relationships with the child and both parents. You could visit the court and ask to speak with an advocate if you cannot afford to consult with an attorney.


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Easy. Just petition court for exactly that. A change of venue...its determined by where the child lives.

File a motion for change of venue. Why do you need it?

Request a change of venue, but you need a reason.

A change of venue is a court decision, and if granted, the cost is borne by the court system.

do I have to file a bfief to file for a motion for change of venue in civil case

A venue is a place, it can be any place. Example: The Boston lawyer asked the judge for a change of venue, he felt his client could not get a fair trial in Boston. So a change in venue means the lawyer is asking that his trial be moved to a different city.

It's not necessarily automatic. You should show the custody order to the venue that issued the child support order.

Change of venue in a criminal case is something that will take place if the Judge/Court feels that the defendant cannot receive a fair trial in a given venue because of prejudice. In civil cases a change of venue may take place just for the convenience of the parties involved. It's basically the change of location from one court to another court or from one county to another county.

You file a motion in the appropriate venue. FYI, the law generally awards custody to the parent(s) or, failing that, grandparent(s) or other suitable member of the extended family.

The person must petition the court where the original divorce/custody hearing was given for a change of venue. There must be reasonable and substantiated evidence of why the change of venue is necessary. The other parent will have the option to testify against a change of venue, and also will need to show evidence of why they oppose it. The judge will weigh the evidence and render a decision as to whether or not the action is neccessary. The petitioner, of course will be obligated to pay all court costs and other applicable fees.

Lawman - 1958 Change of Venue 4-22 was released on: USA: 11 February 1962

Yes, yes he can, and the states' Attorneys General often do change venues in such cases just to stack the deck in their favor. Your attorney can motion to block the change, or motion to change the venue back though.

A ruling of "Dismissed Without Prejudice" renders that particular prosecution moot. Effectively, you have been released from custody and are a 'free' person with no charges against you. As such you have no grounds or 'standing' to make such a request.IF the prosecution seeks to re-activate the charge (which a dismissal without prejudice legally allows them to do), ONLY upon your re-arrest and subsequent arraignment can you request a change of venue for any subsequent proceedings.

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it is called 'a change of venue"

You or your attorney will need to file a request for a change of venue. In most cases, there needs to be very expllicit reasons for a change of venue. The most common reasons for change of venue are that the judge is related to one of the litigants (you or your ex) or the jury has been over exposed to the story in the news. You will not normally have a jury case, so you will need to show that the judge is unable to hear and decide the case. This is difficult to do. In addition, you risk making the judge less than friendly to your cause or your side if your point is that he or she is incapable of being unbiased in this case. It is a slight slur to the judge when you clearly state that he or she can't do his job.

"Plek" is the word for "venue" in Afrikaans.

What is the venue of your marriage? Come before time at the Venue.

With sufficient legal reason to do so, yes.

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