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No. All you need to do is create a new profile, connect it to Xbox LIVE, decline the choice of purchasing a gold membership, and the option should come up of whether to use a free 1 month trial or not. Keep in mind that each Xbox 360 console only ships with 3 free trials, so if you bought a used Xbox 360, it may not have any trials left.

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Yes. I got a 1 months free when my XBox had the 3 red lights of death. Also, there was a point where you get 1 months live when you buy the Xbox 360.

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Q: Can you get a free 30 day trial of xbox live?
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How can you get free stuff like Xbox live?

join Xboxlive and get a 2 day free trial.

What are some Xbox 360 games that have a two day Xbox Live gold membership code in?

Well, ALL the new modern games that have came out come with a two-day trial for Xbox Live.

Is there a special day where there is free xbox live?

Once you join you get a free month, and there are discounts from time to time, but no free Xbox live other than that that I know of.

Is Xbox live free when you buy an Xbox?

Depends on the xbox...sometimes they come with a free 2 day gold. or u can buy a new video game that comes with free 2 day gold...itz highly unliky to find an xbox that comes with gold subscription to live...

Where can someone get a free membership to Xbox live?

It is almost impossible to get free membership to Xbox Live. However, Microsoft and other games often have promotions and giveaways where they giveaway 2 day or 14 day codes for free. One also receives a 2 day free code when one purchases a Xbox game.

How come Xbox Live will never be free to their members?

well if you just now started then you should have got a 30 day free trail. the main reason why xbox live will never be free is because they pay to have the apps,the music,etc. also the xbox live workers are greety

Does anyone want a 2-day xbox live trial code?

Yes please. my email address is

I have seen a Xbox Live Silver user play online with me how can I do that when I have silver?

It would have been on a 2 day trial so yes you can do it

Can you access pro clubs on FIFA 15 Xbox one with a 14 day trail?

Yes, you can access anything that is just for xbox live gold players with a 14 day trial, but only for 14 days.

Is there a free trial Rift?

Yes, there is currently a free 7-day trial for Rift.

What company offers a free trial of a virtual answering service?

There are a number of companies that offer a free trial. ReceptionHQ offers a 7-day free trial, Connect Communications offer a 30-day free trial, while The Answer Centre offer a 2 week free trial.

How do you connect to Xbox live if not working?

Sometimes well depends on the day like last mothers day i get to play xbox live when i didnt have my XboX live for 1 year