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Yes. Underwear is porous enough for the semen to go through it.

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Q: Can you get a girl pregnant if you're both wearing underwear?
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If the guy and girl both wearing underwear can the girl get pregnant?

Yes. Sperm can go through thin underwear.

Can a woman who's a virgin become pregnant if a male comes on her vagina with both of them wearing underwear?

if he cums in her vagina, they are not wearing underwear. if sperm come into contact with a vagina, pregnancy is a possibility.

Can you get pregnant if both people are wearing underwear?

only if the guy's semen somehow gets in the girl's vag.

If a woman is wearing her underwear and pj pants and the guy comes on her pants where both her underwear and pants got wet close to or on the vagina can she get pregnant?

No, not if it didnt enter you.

Can you get a pregnant if you and your boyfriend wearing panties and underwear?

yes, you Could, it's unlikely, however the sperm could go through both panties and underwear and into the Vagina and get some one pregnant, again unlikely.

Can women get pregnant if the man wear underwear or women are not wearing underwear?

No because the mans sperm can't get through the cloth. The way to do it is to have both the man and woman to be naked. Expesially around that area.-Chanele Renoldey-----ofcourse it can you idiot!oh and how are you going to have sex while wearing underwear??-Kevin

Can you get pregnant if both people wearing underwear stomach has been a bit sore for a week?

The chances are zero , as the sperm cant enter your vagina through clothes.

Can a girl get pregnant if she was wearing underwear and jeans and her bf ejaculated on her hand while they were both laying on a bed?

Not unless she took that hand and touched herself between her legs with it.

If you both had underwear on and he sticks his penis a little inside of you and ejaculates can you get pregnant?


Can you get pregnant if you were wearing pants your boyfriend had jeans he was on you both were shirtless but both felt wet but with wet marks on your pants?

You cant get pregnant. you both have pants on. that is the only reason you can get pregnant.

If you are a man who loves to wear women's underwear are you gay?

== == Wearing women's underwear doesn't make you gay or straight. You're a crossdresser (sometimes called a transvestite), but that doesn't say anything about whether you prefer to have sex with men or women. Or both. It just says that you enjoy wearing women's underwear.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant while dry-humping with underwear on from pre-ejaculate going through both the males and females underwear?

Very very small

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