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Q: Can you get pregnant for wearing boy's boxers?
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Can you get a disease from wearing a boys clean boxers?


Can you get pregnant if you're wearing basketball shorts but your boyfriend is in his boxers but then you feel cum on his boxers?

No, you can't. Unless he was inside of you or came on your vagina with no pants on, you're not going to get pregnant.

How do boys crotches look?

Sexy as hell! You can tell whether a lad is well endowed or is wearing boxers to :-p

Can a girl get pregnant if you were wearing boxers and sport shorts and your girlfriend was on top of you with just underwear and you ejaculated in your shorts?

No stupid you have to be near the vagina to get someone pregnant

Should boys wear boxers?

There is no reason why boys should not wear boxers.

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy dry humped the girl the guy was wearing boxers while the girl was wearing mini shorts?

Not if the hump remained dry, and probably not anyhow.

What are some reasons that boys wear boxers?

Boys wear boxers because that's their underwear. Just like girls wear knickers, boys wear boxers.

At what age do most boys start wearing boxers?

its up to your decission im 16 and i wear briefs ive worn them for my whole life its up to your own decision i know a guy who was wearing boxers sice he was 2 but its up to you whatever is comfortable on your penis

Are you wearing boxers?

zack efron does

Do most boys where boxers?

yes most boys do wear boxers when they are above the age of 10 or 11

Should a kid wear boxers?

Yes, if they want to, most of their friends will be wearing boxers

Can sore testicles in my 13 year old be from wearing boxers all the time even when playing sports?

yes it could be from wearing boxers

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