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I was told by Bankers life and Casualty insurance company that if you have a Felony, Michigan will not issue a license to sell life insurance to you.


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Yes. You can still obtain life insurance with a felony on your record.

Yes. To sell variable universal life insurance you will need a Series 63 Securities License, a variable life insurance license, and a regular life insurance license.

Can you get a temp. license to sell life insurance in texas

The only reason someone needs a life insurance license or certification is to be able to sell this type of insurance.

Normally, a felony conviction will raise red flags for the regulator who is responsible for granting licenses. Most states have provisions in their insurance licensing statutes that prohibit insurance licenses for people who have been convicted of felonies that involve "moral turpitude". That said, there are also often provisions that temper this prohibition and allow licenses under certain circumstances, such as after a stated period of time has elapsed after the conviction.

Sorry, no you can not get licensed in Property and Casualty in Illinois if you have a felony of any kind... This applies to all other lines of insurance as well inculding life and health. Save your time and money if you have a felony convivtion.

It shouldn't be a problem unless you are still on probation. A felony on the other hand would be a problem.

license to sell life,casualty, and health insurance

If you wish to sell life insurance in the state of Texas, you'll be required to get a Texas Life and Health Insurance License. To obtain the license, you will need to pass first the insurance license exam for Life and Health in the state you want to sell life insurance. There are online self-study courses created especially for Texas insurance exams. You can check the link below for more information.

I am insurance agent of aviva life insurance company irda has issued me the license that i had lost now tell me the procedure how i get the license back?

It's the Florida insurance license that allows you to sell Life Health and Variable Annuity insurance in Florida.

Per California Insurance Code Section 1668.5(a) The commissioner may deny an application for any license issued pursuant to this chapter...if the applicant or any of the following: (5) The controlling person has been convicted of any of the following: (A) A felony. Per California Insurance Code Section 1668 (Re: Denial of application after hearing; grounds) The commissioner may deny an application for any license issued pursuabnt to this chapter if: . . . (m) The applicant has been convicted of: (1) a felony . . .

Life insurance license Series 6, 63, 66, & 26. Mortgage license Health insurance license.

2-15 license is an insurance license that allow you to sell life, health and annuity insurance legally

Who bought 20th Century Guardian Life Insurance Company of Battle Creek Michigan because I have insurance policy with them

This varies from state to state.Most states do require you to have a license to sell life insurance.Check with your state life insurance company for more information on what is required to sell life insurance in your state of residence.

It's the Florida insurance license that allows you to sell Life Health and Variable Annuity insurance in Florida.

Insurance agents who wish to sell life insurance in California is required to have a license. Subject to the rules and regulations of the California Department of Insurance, the Life insurance license permits insurance agents to sell insurance products that cover human lives. The insurance can be whole or term life insurance, endowments, annuities, disability income benefits and accidental death or dismemberment. Specific requirements for obtaining a license include being fingerprinted and taking the licensing exam. You can take your California insurance license exam online through the link below.

If the judgement has any adverse comment on the agent's moral conduct, there is no legal bar in persuing renewal of life insurance license.

Yes. You need an insurance license from any individual state you decide to sell in.

No, if you have a car you need insurance but you should have a license because if not you'll get arrested. You also need life insurance and home insurance in case that what you meant

yes. because Life and non-life are two different kind of insurance.

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