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Can you get a new CDMA Alltel phone from eBay and switch it out for the one you have?

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βˆ™ 2007-07-27 01:32:03

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yes you can just make sure it is for alltel

2007-07-27 01:32:03
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Q: Can you get a new CDMA Alltel phone from eBay and switch it out for the one you have?
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Can you buy a phone from eBay and switch the sim card from your old phone into the new phone and it will still work?

Yes - as long as the phone you buy on eBay is not blocked it will work straight away. if it is blocked you should take it to a shop to get it unblocked

Where does one purchase Alltel cell phones?

Alltel cell phones can be purchased at several online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. Some of the cell phones available from these retailers may be refurbished.

Could you buy a Samsung Alias off of Ebay and use it on another phone carrier other than Verizon. I have Cincinnati Bell. The Alias has no contract with Verizon?

It would depend whether Cincinnati Bell uses CDMA or GSM technology. If it is CDMA you would have to find someone that knew how to unlock the Alias so it could be used as long as Cincinnati Bell's system allows for it.

How do you sell a cell phone?


What is the website to get a phone case?


How can you contact eBay?

you can contact ebay. via phone or derectly the web site.

Where is the eBay website phone number found?

The eBay website phone number can be found on the main eBay website under the "Contact" page link. Other phone numbers that can be used to contact eBay can be found on the Customer Service page link and the Resolution Center sub link.

Where is the worst place to buy a phone?


Where can you sell your used cell phone?

on eBay

How do you unlock my old alltel phone?

Alltel phones run on CDMA frequency, and currently there's unlocking solution for CDMA phones yet.

Is the LG Prada phone compatible with alltel?

The LG Prada phone is a GSM based phone. Alltel uses only CDMA digital servies. The two service types are not compatible as they use different technology.

How do you switch your reachout wireless phone number to another phone?


Is a alltell phone compatible to a at and t phone?

No, Alltel phones run off of CDMA and AT&T and T Mobile use GSM

How do you unlock an Alltel Motorola V710 to program Telus?

Alltel phones run on CDMA technology, and there currently is no unlocking solution for CDMA phones.

Can you use a Verizon cell phone with another carrier?

You can use a Verizon phone with another CDMA carrier (the other CDMA carriers in the US are Sprint and Alltel). However, they might refuse to activate your phone since they did not sell it.

Does alltel wireless use sim cards?

No Alltel uses CDMA and sim cards is GSM

Can you keep your cell phone but switch companies?

That depends.If you are switching between a GSM and CDMA network, it will not be possible.If you are switching from a GSM to another GSM carrier, or from a CDMA to another CDMA carrier, it will be possible.For your convenience, here are a list of some carriers and the technologies they use:GSMAT&TT-MobileFidoRogersCDMAVerizon WirelessAlltelSprint (not Nextel)U.S. CellularBell MobilityTelus

How do you unlock the Alltel Blackberry 8703e?

CDMA phones (phones sold by Alltel, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint) are not "locked" or "unlocked". However, a provider other than the one that sold the phone might refuse to activate it. In other words, Sprint might refuse to activate a Verizon or Alltel phone and vice-versa.

How can you switch cell phones with alltel?

Go to an Alltel Retail Store. My choice would be to do it by phone. It is easier and less time consuming> Go to an Alltel Retail Store. My choice would be to do it by phone. It is easier and less time consuming>

Can you switch from a alltel phone to a Verizon phone back to alltel phone?

You cant switch it manually, you need to reline its network setting... Go back to store and have it reline.. Actually, u can do it urself at home. If u take it to the store it costs. I kno ppl who has switched alltel phones manually. I'm trying to figure out how right now.

Can you use a alltel phone with straight talk service?

No, because alltel is a used on a CDMA network meaning that they do not take SIM cards. and straight talk uses a GSM network meaning that they have a SIM card that is used to take in the signal.

Can you trade and old alltel phone for a new alltel phone?

yes you can why not

Can you use a regular alltel phone on an alltel prepaid plan?

If I had an contract plan with alltel and i cancelled the contract can i use the phone as a prepaid phone

What is the best alltel cell phone?

The best Alltel phone is LG AX275

Does Alltel phones carry iPhones?

No because iPhones run on a different network (GSM) that what Alltel provides, which is a CDMA version. Alltel offers a variety of phones with similar features that will work just as well.