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yes, go to a corparate Metro store with your I.D. and they will reset you voicemail for free.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-14 00:11:03
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Q: Can you get a new password or change your voicemail password for a Metro PCS Cell Phone?
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Need to reset voicemail password?

Go to Settings. Select the Phone option. Select the Change Voicemail Password. Enter the current password and tap Done. Enter the new password and tap Done. ... Re-enter the new password and tap Done.

How do you reset voice mail on straight talk phone?

i forgot my password on my cell phone for the voicemail and i need to know how to reset the password

How do you reset your voice mail password on a sprint phone?

How do you reset your voicemail passcode on Sprint phone

Can you put music from itunes onto a cosmos phone?

No, but you can put a voicemail password.

What is a temporary password on a metro PCs phone?


How do you get your messages from voicemail on your home phone?

you call your cell phone number on your house phone and then when you get to your voicemail then press # if that doesnt work press # and * and then it will say put in ya password and you will be able to check your voice mail on your phone.

If you lose your phone and forget your Metro PCS voice mail password how can you access your voice mail?

I lost my phone password

How can one change the pass code for Sprint Mail?

There is only one way, short of buying a brand new phone, to reset or change the Sprint voicemail password. You have to go to the Sprint official website.

How do you get into cell phone voice mail from your home phone if it has a password?

Call your phone and let it ring or go to your voicemail. when it asks you to leave a message press star(*), then put in your password and press pound. *This can be done from anyone's phone or cell phone*

How much if you change your phone in metro to a different phone in metro?

the cost is the price of the phone you eanna switch too

How do you check your voice mail on a vtech phone?

One can call their own number to get to their voicemail on a Vtech phone. There also may be a code or another number one has to call to get to their voicemail. One usually has to also enter a password.

How do you find your temporary voice mail password for a metro pcs phone?

it is 9999

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