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No. A felony conviction disqualifies one from obtaining a teaching certificate in any state.

Actually I know that it depends on the state as far as how their laws go. obviously if you have a violent conviction, a sexual related conviction or a drug related conviction, you would not be allowed to get a teaching certificate. I am asking however, about a non-violent, non-sexual, non-drug related crime. I had read previously that Ohio's law is that you must wait 5 years from the date of your conviction and I was just wondering if this was in fact true.

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Q: Can you get a teaching certificate in Ohio if you have a felony?
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Felony DUI in Ohio is after the 4th offense.

Does a Ohio Teaching certificate transfer to Texas?

I cannot answer that HOWEVER, if you want to teach in another state and they have other requirements - when you are hired they will let you know how long you have to get the classes completed you will need. I had been given 3 years to complete the classes Nevada required with a Montana license.

Can a felon get a teaching certificate?

yea if they prove they are not a felon and work hard in life to get that teaching certificate.

Have one felony on a drug possession charge can you still teach with your PhD?

Cannot be answered here. That is up to the licensing agency that issues your teaching certificate and/or the employer that you wish to work for.

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When does a DUI become a felony in Ohio?

A DUI in Ohio becomes a fourth degree felony upon the 4th offense within six years.

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