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Q: Can you get achievements from burned Xbox 360 games?
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Can you get achievements for playing original Xbox games on an Xbox 360?

No you cant get achievements for the original xbox games, sorry.

Can you get achievements on the Xbox 360 with Xbox original games?

No you can't.

What are the quickest games to get achievements on for Xbox 360?


Can you play copied Xbox games on the Xbox 360?

Not unless you have a modded xbox that allows you to play burned games

Can you play burned games on xbox 360 if you dont have xbox live?

I think you can play if you don't have xbox live but if it does not work mod your xbox 360.

Is there any achievements for san Andreas on the xbox 360?

i not sure but i think you can download it if you have xbox live

Can playing burned Xbox 360 games on your Xbox 360 mess it up?

NO. It won't mess up the xbox 360 but it can get you banned from Xbox live if detected by Microsoft. It won't cause the xbox 360 to overheat compared to playing regular retail games.

Can cheats screw up you Xbox 360?

No, but on some games the achievements will not work if cheats are used.

What is 25G on xbox 360?

25G is the gamer score (known as achievements). All games have this gamer score.

How many achievements does Skyrim have on Xbox 360?

Over 50 Achievements.

Can you play burned 360 games on a Dreamcast?

Yes you can, you have to hook up your xbox 360 with your computer, but this is extremly illegal and i do not recommand for u to do this.

Will you be able to play games you started on xbox 360 on xbox one?

Technically, if you play a game on Xbox one that you played on the xbox 360 then once you start playing you will get all the achievements (basically like double gamerpoints) but not in-game progress*. *some games like happy wars and world of tanks etc. save in-game progress and achievements.