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If your sperm has the HIV virus in it you are infected with the HIV virus in your entire body. AIDS is actually a collection of symptoms from damage done by the HIV virus on your body. HIV infection will always ultimately lead to AIDS. There is no cure.

If you don't have AIDS, then you can't give it to yourself.

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No. You can't catch something from yourself.

Only if you had aids....and if you had them already, then getting it into a wound wouldn't matter anyway.

No. The only way you treat hearing is with hearing aids.

Sperm deficiency will not cause HIV or the resulting AIDS. You must be exposed the the HIV to be infected.

If the guy has it he can pass it on to you that way.

sperm, saliva, blood, and breast milk. sweat will not transmit aids

No you can't get HIV from tasting your own sperm.

it was made by horse sperm and your mums aids

if you lick your own sperm can u get pregnet

No. Sperm has nothing to do with AIDS. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is caused by the virus known as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus.) HIV is transmitted by contact with infected body fluid (blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk.)

If you are female you don't have sperm. Only males have sperm.

Swallowing ejaculate doesn't cause AIDS, but swallowing infected ejaculate may transmit the virus.

Yes, you can. The AIDS virus can be transmitted through several bodily fluids such as blood, sperm, and vaginal secretions. Consuming any of these fluids can result in contracting the disease if your partner is HIV positive.

no that is not possible. because both of those men were not infected by hiv

You cannot get AIDS from skin to skin contact with a Breast, But you can get it through exchange of bodily fluids I.E Sperm or Breast Milk. But only if the person you are doing this on has AIDS.

Yes, it's possible to be allergic to sperm even if it is your own sperm.

Yes if the guy have HIV or AIDS and it ends up inside your body. Just on the skin it can't do anything or if he does not have it.

can you get pregnant by your own sperm

Eating sperm is harmless to the body

No, aids can only be passed on through body fluids. IE Sperm, Saliva and also blood. How ever, to get aids from saliva you have to drink at least 9 litres of it so kissing is fine. So if your partner does not have aids you will not get it from that partner.

Well, women don't make sperm it would be very impossible to get pregnant by YOUR own sperm... and if you're a man, well, men can't get pregnant with their own sperm or with someone elses... Nor can a human hermaphrodite self impregnate.

You can get HIV if the sperm gets into either your genitals or into your direct blood stream.If you had an opened wound on your hand, and you got infected sperm on it, I suggest you go and get tested ASAP.

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