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If your sperm has the HIV virus in it you are infected with the HIV virus in your entire body. AIDS is actually a collection of symptoms from damage done by the HIV virus on your body. HIV infection will always ultimately lead to AIDS. There is no cure.

If you don't have AIDS, then you can't give it to yourself.

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Q: Can you get aids from your own sperm?
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Can you get aids from your own sperm if it gets into a cut on your hand?

no you cant

Can you get aids from your own sperm by drinking?

No. You can't catch something from yourself.

If your own sperm enters a wound will you get aids?

Only if you had aids....and if you had them already, then getting it into a wound wouldn't matter anyway.

Is it true that if you put your own Sperm in your ear you will have better hearing?

No. The only way you treat hearing is with hearing aids.

Can a boy can lick a boy's sperm with out getting aids?

No! I think you have the aids now!

Can a teenage boy get aids due to sperm deficiency?

Sperm deficiency will not cause HIV or the resulting AIDS. You must be exposed the the HIV to be infected.

Is there another way to get aids other than with blood?

Yes, sperm can also contain AIDS.

Can you get aids from swallowing sperm? can, even if you don't swallow.

Can you get aids from swallowing guys sperm?

If the guy has it he can pass it on to you that way.

Can a man get aids by suking his penis?

A man who sucks his own penis will not have more aids than before whether he had this disease or not beforehand. More seriously, you can have aids by practising oral sex if your partner have aids of course, since you can swallow some sperm which may mix with blood. The risk is limited but there is still a risk.

What are four body fluids that can transmit AIDS?

sperm, saliva, blood, and breast milk. sweat will not transmit aids

Can you get HIV from tasting your own sperm?

No you can't get HIV from tasting your own sperm.

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