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Can you get an ME Environmental Engineering after B Tech Environmental Engineering?

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I believe it is so much a question of "can you" (of course you can), as much is it is "are you willing to?" In other words, some schools may require somewhat different entrance requirements, and you will have to fulfill them. In addition, you may have to complete some prerequisite courses if needed. Still, you may move over with no problem. You should find institutions with your desired program of study, and secure information particular to their entrance requirements. Still, the answer is "yes you can."

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A-graded aeronautical engineering colleges in Pune?

Dear friend There are no colleges in Pune which provide you BE or B Tech course in Aeronautical Engineering As a engineering Course. There is only one engineering college in the entire Maharashtra which provide Aeronautical Engineering (BE or B Tech) and that is Priyadarshini Nagpur. For more detail please visit below given Link.

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A good topic for environmental and transportation engineering is comparing the affects of transportation engineering on the environment. You can then discuss how environmental engineering can mitigate those problems.

Which is the best branch for btech engineering?

The best branch for B tech is going to be what is more interesting to you. Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering seem to be in favor right now, with mechanical in the lead.

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environmental science is better and more fun but environmental engineering gets paid more i think

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What engineering field was formerly known as sanitary engineering?

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Higher studies after BE Civil Engineering?

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What prefix is used for b tech engineers in Pakistan?

The Technology Graduates all over the world called "Engineering Technologist".

What type of syllabus or subject is covered in B Tech?

A B-Tech is a Qualification, The syllabus is dependant on what subject the B-Tech is. For example B-Tech game design will have a different syllabus from B-Tech hairdressing