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People think the police can not lie, they do, they can, they are free citizens, if someone
lies it is common and ignored in modern times, unless to a direct and urgent demand:
Is that the man who lost his pants, yes/no. Lies can be a felony to a P.D. etc. Charges
can be dropped for thousands of reasons: The only witness changed his story, he was
actually home watching Opra. That witness was then destroyed and the case was dropped because of no credibility and the motive to make a couch potato lie was probable.
The prosecutor may still want a trial in a serious or repetitive case.

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What happens to somebody who lies about sexual assault?

you get asked if you lied about the sexual assault and then if you admit it, the will ask the person you lied about if they want to press charges one you. if they do you will go to jail or juvie.

How do you drop an assault charge if you lied and he's really innocent?

tell someone the truth such as your lawyer or just go to the police station and tell them what happen, you shouyldn't just sit there and do nothing while someone suffers from your lie

How many times was Bill Clinton accused of sexual assault?

Once and it wasn't assault. It was consensual sex. He lied about it and that is what got him into trouble. It was perjury which is illegal.

Can you press charges against someone who lied to you to get you to sleep with them?

As long as the sex was between consenting adults, no, unfortunately. (If so, 80% of all males would be guilty ... LOL!)

Was bill Clinton impeached on charges that he lied under oath and obstructed justice?

He did not, he finished his time of presidency.

How do you get a friend back if someone lied to them about you?

The glorious act of "teabagging"

Was Bill Clinton taxed on charges that he lied under oath and obstructed justice?

He did go to a congress trial but he won.

How do you trust a girlfriend after being lied to?

If i was being lied to by my girlfriend I would give her another chance just to prove she won't lie and if you find out she lied to you again then i would move on to someone else cause knowone likes being lied to. Kitcat0419

How do you get the gracidea flower Pokemon diamond?

dont know, someone lied to me

How do danforth and hawthorne attempt to get proctor to drop the charges that Mary warren has lied?

They promise to spare Mary's life for a year

Can you press charges against someoene who lied to court to have you arrested?

If you are found not guilty you have the option of suing them in civil court for damages.

Can the district attorney put charges on me for a lie after your case is dismiss?

If you lied under oath, then yes. You could be charged with perjury.

What charges led to the House impeaching President Bill Clinton in 1998?

Bill Clinton lied under Oath. The impeachment was NOT about the sexual affair he had, but that he LIED -- he committed perjury. By the way, he was not removed from office, though impeached.

How do you get into Candace's room in the Phineas and Ferb game?

u cant someone lied about that.

What if you told someone you like them but you don't?

Then tell them them the truth and make an excuse of why you lied

How long does it take to regain the trust of someone you have lied to?

never if its deep inside the heart.

What can you do if someone blatantly lied about me in a civil case?

If it affected the outcome of the case, you can appeal the case.

Why would they give someone a marriage license if they are already married?

The applicant lied on the application.

What if someone lies to a judge and the judge issues a bench warrant for the person that was lied on?

The person with the bench warrant will have to appear before the court. The person who lied may be charged with perjury.

What happens to you if you lied about an assault?

Lied to who? How serious an assault? Lied under what circumstances? More information is needed.[Questioner supplied information responding to the above was moved to the discussion page].ADDED: If your withdrawal of the complaint is legitimate - you were right in wanting to save your husband from the result of an emotionally-driven report. Unfortunately there is no way to guess at what might occur when you disclose your information. A lot of legal resources were mobilized to assist you in response to your 'false' report. In my experience you will probably be questioned very closely by the judge as he tries to determine whether or not you are being pressured to take this action.

If someone steals your car and wrecks it can you license be suspended?

it can if they find that you lied about your car being stolen.

What do you do when you are upset over an ex that you still have feelings for who lied cheated and crushed you?

Find someone better.

Is Michael Jackson a crimnal?

they say he did really bad things but you never know because someone could frame him someone could of just lied

What if someone lied to get on a jury?

That person could be sued and depending on the importance of the lie, he may be taken to prison.

Are pitt bulls banned in St. Joseph mo?

No. They shouldn't be and they aren't. If someone told you they are, then they lied.