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If you OWN a car it can be insured.

If it is to be driven it must be registered correctly for the insurance to be valid

I have an antique sports car that has not been driven or registered for two years, but it is insured.


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you have ten days from the original date of purchase to have insurance and have the car / vehicle registered in your name you have ten days from the original date of purchase to have insurance and have the car / vehicle registered in your name

The registered owner of the vehicle can, the driver of the vehicle (as long as they have no ownership interest) can not. Right ticket, wrong recipient.

In Texas, Yes, It will cost more for Insurance for a new driver whether or not he is the registered owner of a vehicle.

It depends on the insurance company, but generally, yes. Call your insurance agent to see what you need to do.

As the registered owner you can be held responsible and financially liable for the actions of the drivers you allow to operate your vehicle. It would therefore be advisable to maintain your auto insurance.

Technically, no. But, yes you can as long as you inform the insurance company of where the vehicle is primarily located, although few insurance companies will write the a policy. If there is a reason your vehicle is to be registered in one state and your residence in another, a simpler means is to establish a company in the non-residence state and register and insure the vehicle in the company's name.

I doubt it,I would make sure your insurance company knows that the vehicle is titled in the business name, and that the business is the owner of the vehicle.

Insurance is needed every time there is an uncovered risk.For a vehicle anytime you have one registered in your name. For homeowners when you have a mortgage.

Not typically. The insurance is typically in the name of the person to whom the car is registered and this is not always the name shown on the title.

I believe that I understand what you are asking. If I am not correct ask it again and I will try to do better. Auto insurance generally follows the vehicle and not the driver. Only the person who owns the vehicle can insure are vehicle except in a situation of an immediate family. One policy can cover members of the family even if the vehicle is in the name of other members of the family as long as they all live in the same household.

This can probably vary from state to state. I was able to add a car registered in my bosses name on my insurance, but he had to listed as another driver. Sometimes the registered person will have to be added to your insurance policy. It may also vary by insurance carrier. your best solution is to call your insurance company and ask them their policy on this or when callin to get insurance quotes - ask.

No you can't. I'm having the same problem! In Michigan the Secretary of State requires a vehicle to be insured before you can register it but my insurance company requires the vehicle be registered in my name before they will insure it!

in the US Your sons need seperate auto insurance for their cars, as no Insurance Co. will oblige you with the said proposal. In the UK there are several insurance companies that have multi-car and famly policies to cover just this situation.

Yes you can. You may have to agree only to drive the vehicle with the owner's permission.

The insurance policy should be in the name of the registered owner of the car.It is not necessary that he should have a licence.The person who is driving the vehicle should have a valid driving licence.

General principle of insurance is that you can't insure something in which you don't have an interest.

If the child drives any of your vehicles, yes. If the vehicle is in the child's name, no.

No, if you have the paper work to prove that the vehicle is registered to you, then you cannot be charged for Grand Theft Auto in any degree.Another View: The above answer is incorrect. If you purchase a vehicle with borrowed money, even though YOU are the registered owner according to the DMV registration files you are NOT the holder of the title to the vehicle, the lender is. It is the owners name as shown on the TITLE that is important and NOT whose name appears in the registration files.

Your husband must be on your policy to be covered. In some States you have to ad your spouse to the policy regardless if they will drive your vehicle or not.

The insurance on a vehicle should be in the name of the Registered owner of the vehicle. Any permissive driver should also be added to the policy as a driver if you are a regular driver or if you live in the household. Either of these requires that you be listed on the policy not both of these. The owner of the vehicle is bound by legal contract to add any regular drivers and household members. If these people are not added to the policy, the contract has been voided and the insurance company can decide not to pay any claims involving such unlisted drivers.

your car is registered with your Name, Phone number, insurance, address, email. They definitely are gonna know where you live if you have a vehicle

Most insurance companies will not allow insurance to be in a minors name. The reason for this is that an insurance policy is a legally binding contract and a minor cannot usually sign such a contract. It is usually also not a goo idea to have a vehicle titled to a minor and the policy should be in the name of the person who owns the vehicle.

It would be the same as anywhere else. The auto insurance policy must be in the name of the owner of the vehicle. The only exception would be with a married couple where a vehicle owned by either partner could be insured in either name.

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