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Yes, you can develop boils on the vagina and anywhere else on your body. If your not sexually active, you can rule out herpes or warts.

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Q: Can you get boils on your vagina if that is what this looks like?
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What does a female sheep vagina looks like?

like a human vagina

How do you see a girl vagina and what it looks like?

go to wiklepidea and write vagina

What does a little girls vagina look like?

it looks like a normal vagina but slightly smaller with no hair.

What does the vagina looks like when passing a baby?


What is a vagina look like on the outside?

A vagina looks like a v. It is hairy and not smelly. Boys stick their penis in the middle.

Do boys care what the vagina looks like?

In my opinion, I do not think that they care at all what it looks like :) So do not worry

What does your vagina feel and looks like from inside your body?

it look like your face

What does a girls phagina look like?

It spelled vagina and it looks lile ()

Images of virgin vagina?

A virgin vagina looks just like any other - there is no difference. When losing one's virginity the hymen does not break either, as it does not close the vagina. So just google for vaginas and you'll know what a virgin one looks like.

What does a female horse's vagina look like?

The vagina of a mare merely looks like a long cylindrical tube that extends from the vulva to the cervix. The vagina itself is around 24 inches long.

Do boys worry about what a girls vagina looks like?

Honestly, most aren't that worried about what it looks like - so long as it's clean.

What does herpes look like on a vagina?

Herpes looks like small round reddish blisters

What is the tube like thing in a girls vagina?

=That would probably be the cervix, or your talking about the vagina itself which kinda looks like a fleshy tube. the cervix is a smaller tube like structure at the top of the vagina and is the conduit to the uterus.=

What is a clyterus?

a clyterus is a place in the vagina that looks like a nose it is at the top of the vagina and if it is touched at anytime it make a girl have an orgasm they enjoy it

What does a horse virgina look like?

It looks like a Human Female vagina, except a lot larger.

What does it look like inside the vagina when a penis enters it?

it looks like a building's corridor which is divided in to rooms.

Why is your vagina a dark color inside?

Is it? How do you know what it looks like INSIDE? Maybe it's just you.

I'm a woman i want to know how a healthy vagina looks like...Can you show me a picture?


What is fiscal correction?

when your face looks like a large penis looking vagina eating monster

How do you get rid of boils on vagina?

Apply Neosporin to the affected Area. Works every time. :)

What does a teenage girl's Vagina looks like?

Like any other. Is their a difference between teenage one and an adult one?

How girafees looks?

they look like a penis face inside a dildo with a vagina surgically straaped on its neck

Whats the chance of being pregnant if sperm is on the outside of the vagina?

(i)- this is what i vagina looks like, thsnk you, Taylor Gara from king William high school Kingwilliam County.

Can cats hump?

no a only time it looks like when a cat humps is when he mates he rubs his balls on the females vagina

Looks like the inside of my vagina is coming out?

That's normal in puberty. it develops "lips" for lack of a better term.