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Well, dealerships and insurance companies are very strict now, and it would depend on what dealership or insurance agency you're planning on working with. On the insurance, it may be a problem because some agencies just deal with people who have a license in that state. And because you have an international license, your rates may be high anyway. I suggest that you call around to check up on that.

I hope that I was a little helpful to you.

Yes, Progressive offers auto insurance even if you hold a International Drivers License but you need to own or lease a car to get it. They do not offer insurance on a rented car.

While it may be difficult to get your own policy while driving on an International Driver's License, I have found that often you may be added, as a rider, to the policy of a U.S. resident. If you have friends or family, tell them to ask their insurance agent, or have the agent check with the underwriters since the agent may be unfamilliar with this.

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2015-07-15 20:54:22
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Sure,, auto insurance is most commonly purchased by visitors at the time of a car rental. When we rent a car and purchase the accompanying daily insurance.

Just make sure you have a valid drivers license either an international license or one from your home country and you'll have no problem purchasing insurance.

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Q: Can you get car insurance while visiting the US on a visa?
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