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You can get cheap discount tickets without using a travel agent. There are many websites that offer cheap tickets and discount pricing. Also, many places offer deals for last minute booking.

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Q: Can you get cheap discount tickets without using a travel agent?
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Do senior travel groups offer discounted travel tickets?

It depends on the travel agency and provider, but yes, seniors are frequently offered discount rates. Ask your agent or the booking agent for the cruise you want to try.

Where can I buy travel tickets online?

You can go to a travel agent or you can purchase online tickets. There are several good places to get them at a discount. You can check at,, or Or look at to compare several places at once to get the best deal.

Where can you get the cheapest tickets to Orlando Florida?

Check with your travel agent for plane tickets or theme park tickets.

Where can one get cheap Oosterdam cruise tickets?

"One can get cheap Oosterdam cruise tickets from the holland america site, or from discount cruise sites. Also going through a travel agent could save you some money."

What do you call a person who sells plane tickets?

travel agent

Do I have to go through a travel agent to get vacation coupons fro Hawaii?

Everything depends on who and where you get you tickets from. My best advice to you to go to your agent and he/she will you either a discount for the ones you qualify. Also you could buy your tickets during a season of the year when that eagerness of going to Hawaii isn't as high.

What does a travel agent do on a day to day basis?

An Travel Agent looks up tickets and finds date which are best for you to go on.

How do computer and the internet change the job of a travel agent?

Computers have allowed the public to conduct their own searches, and easily book their own travel accommodations, book airline tickets, rent cars, and more. Travel agents have had to find a niche to stay competitive, such as luxury travel or discount travel.

What is the best way to find inexpensive tickets to Hawaii?

Visit a travel agent.

Do any airlines offer senior discount airline tickets?

Call up your travel agent and ask them if they know of any airlines that offer discounts. You can also use online travel agents like and to check for discounts for seniors.

Where can one find discount travel deals?

A person can consult their local travel agent for discount travel deals. There are also a number of online companies that offer results for discount travel deals. These companies include, Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, and many more.

What should I ask my travel agent to get the cheapest airline tickets?

Tell your travel agent that you are looking for a deal. In order to facilitate the search for the best bargains, be clear about when you can travel and be as flexible as possible.

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