Can you get credit for national guard and fers at the same time once I pay the military deposit for time served?

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How much does your credit score go up if you pay on time?

It just doesn't go up. If you have always paid on time and kept your debt down, then your credit score will remain consistent. If you've had a few late months and paid on time for a while after that it can rise by as much as 30 points or more, but remember, credit is looked at over TIME.

Do reserve military get the same respect as full time military?

Answer . no.. ---. Edit:. For the most part, no. Both National Guard and Reserve components are looked down upon by active duty personnel. However, that solely depends on the person.. It should be noted that both the National Guard and Reserve have been extremely beneficial in helping within ( Full Answer )

Time and a half pay on national holidays?

Most places do pay time and a half, some have a set amount of extra pay for holidays, while others pay at the same rate. There is no legal obligation for a private company to pay any kind of holiday pay, just a moral and social obligation.

What is a time deposit?

money in a savings account . A Time deposit is an agreement between a bank and its customer to deposit a fixed amount of money for a fixed duration for a certain rate of interest. The customer would be provided with a certificate of deposit which would contain the interest amount, date of maturity ( Full Answer )

Does being a military contractor over seas mean that you served time for the u.s. military?

A civilian contractor is there to make money. He is NOT in the service of his country as a member of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard. Other than the standard issue of combat pay, over-seas pay, etc. servicemen are NOT in a combat zone (over-seas) to make money (altho ( Full Answer )

If you are a military contractor and you worked overseas is that considered as you serving time for the military?

Civilians work for money. Military personnel are serving their comes second; that's why sometimes men are drafted...low pay, sometimes even no pay (it will be paid whenever the government can get the funds to the men/and or a place to spend it). Civilians can quit...up until the end ( Full Answer )

Are you a veteran if you served in the National Guard?

No. H.R. 1025 passed the House in 2012 but has not yet passed the Senate. Currently, you are only considered a veteran if you served on a Title 10 tour of duty. 99% of all National Guard active duty is served on Title 32. H.R. 1025 won't cost the government a penny, but until it becomes law, service ( Full Answer )

How much does full time National Guard make?

Active National Guard or "AGR" (Active Guard and Reserve) make the same as they would in their pay grade in the Active Army. The only difference is that they still belong to their National Guard Unit and still attend drill one weekend a month. This while still being on duty 24/7. There is no extra p ( Full Answer )

If you have low credit will getting a credit card and paying it on time up your credit score?

Yes, by taking out a credit card, charging an item(s) to the card and paying at least the minium balances due on time, your credit score will eventually improve. Just be sure that you can afford the monthly payments and mail it in enough time so its received on time. On way to ensure timely payment ( Full Answer )

What is the Air National Guard rank structure time frame?

It's technically the same as Active Duty air force with a few exceptions... first there has to be rank in your current office or workcenter available.. some one may have to retire or die first. Or like my unit you are told that the position that you just got hired into full time used to be a MSgt sl ( Full Answer )

Does a judge have to give credit for time served before a conviction?

Judges normally do give credit for time served before a conviction, but I wouldn't say that they HAVE to do that; the whole concept of being a judge is that they get to judge things, meaning, they get to make decisions. There are very few things that a judge has to do. They do what they see fit to d ( Full Answer )

What websites do you get College credits for military time and school?

There are colleges and universities that will give credit for military training and schools. However, they will require that you are an enrolled student with a declared major. Once you have choose some colleges and universities you have an interest in, you can contact them for detailed information o ( Full Answer )

What is the pay scale for the National Guard?

The pay scale of the National Guard varies depending on your class and there are also bonuses and incentive pay for certain tasks and duties. For instance, a newly enlisted Private E1 makes up to $800 for annual training but a 4-star General can make nearly $10,000 for annual training. In conjunct ( Full Answer )

Is military time and zulu time the same?

No, military time and zulu time are both read on 24 hour clocks, but military time is just how you say what time it is. Military time could be in any time zone. Zulu time is a global time and it is calculated depending on where you are in the world. Zulu time is based in Greenwich, England.

When do you start serving your time once your sentence?

It can vary. If the judge gave you time to get your affairs in order and then report to jail, the date you actually report to jail and go through the intake system is the day your sentence begins. It can also be that at the moment your sentence is pronounced, you may be immediately taken into custod ( Full Answer )

Can brothers serve in the same branch of the military at the same time?

Yes and no - siblings join the same military branch commonly, and have done so for many centuries. However, in the U.S. Military, siblings cannot serve in the same unit together at the same time. The regulation that siblings cannot serve together in the same unit has been around for many decades, ( Full Answer )

Who are the president to serve in the National Guard?

George W. Bush served in the Air National Guard . Bill Clinton enlisted into the National Guard, then canceled his enlistment when he became certain he wouldn't be drafted. . Harry S. Truman served in the Army National Guard 15 other presidents served in various state and other militias before ( Full Answer )

Is there full time national guard?

There are AGR (Active Guard and Reserve) personnel assigned to National Guard units. Some personnel are also on active duty status on Title 10 orders. As for National Guard units, there are no full time National Guard units , except when they are activated on orders by the state or federal governme ( Full Answer )

Which monarchs served as presidents at the same time?

Answer No monarch has ever served as president. It is against the constitution to have a monarch. Answer The presidents of France are also monarchs of Andorra. Also King Sihanouk of Cambodia was also president at one time, and prime minister at another. There are links below.

How does the military affect the national guard?

The National Guard serves as a reserve component of two federal forces - the Army (Army National Guard), and Air Force (Air National Guard). Policies, procedures, etc. adopted by these branches are subsequently adopted by their National Guard components.

How can you serve in the military and go to college at the same time?

To serve and go through schooling at the same time join the guard part of the branch of your service. Once a month you will b required to attend drill at the nearest guard base. Also once a year you will also be required to attend a two week training.

Is pay the same with National Guard and marines?

Yes, it is. Pay is set by the President and it's the same for the paygrades across the military. An E-5 in the US Army makes the same amount as an E-5 in the Marines or any other branch of the military. The different branches just have different incentives based Military Occupational Skills and othe ( Full Answer )

What is time in grade for CW2 in the National Guard?

24 months for WO1 to CW2. 72 months to CW3, 72 months for CW4. Outstanding individuals can make CW3 and CW4 in as little as 36 months however based on merit and the needs of the component

Does fema pay for National Guard?

No. State activations of the National Guard are paid by the state, while federal activations are paid by the Department of Defense.

Are the US Army Reserve and US National Guard the same branch of the military?

No. The Army Reserve is composed entirely of support and trainingunits (except for one infantry battalion), and it entirely a branchof the federal armed forces. The National Guard serves both afederal and a state mission. There is the Army National Guard, andthe Air National Guard, which may be subj ( Full Answer )

Why pay your credit card payments on time?

The main reason is that you will be charged interest and a latefee. So you will have to pay more than if you pay off the bill ontime. This is one of the ways that credit card companies makemoney. So you should always try to pay your bill on time.