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Be careful drinking too much water. You can actually become very ill if you do so.

ANSWER:The old rumor, that if you are hungover, if you drink water it will make you drunk again. This rumor is so false it ain't even funny. It does not bring alcohol up and make you drunk. It actually rehydrate your system and it does feel good. Not drunk, but a good sensation.

My names Ashley. Once this happened to me. I was young, about 10.

I was bored one day so I took a wine glass out of my mothers cabinet and filled it with water. I drank it very fast, refilled it again and again until I couldn't hardly walk (why I did this I still don't know). Anyways my stomach cramped horribly, I could barley walk and my legs began to hurt. The strangest thing yet was that in my head, I kinda felt drunk and loopy. It seemed that this was a result of water intoxication, which affects the brain functions. It's weird how over consumption of water is like a poison. I was obviously experiencing it's symptoms like cramping, muscle weakness, and difficulty of perceiving and interpreting sensory information. What's so bad about water intoxication is that it can result into brain damage, coma, or/and death.

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