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i belive you can. I always did and i have 3 kids trying for more!

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Can you get heart burn with an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy has nothing to do with heart burn.

Heart rate to burn the most caleries?

Heart rate to burn the most fat

What is another word for pain in the heart?

heart burn

What are the real causes of heart burn?

the real cause of heart burn is acid in the tummy and burns like the mad

Can you get heart burn few days after conception?

Youi can get heart burn at anytime, so it's not a reliable indication.

When you play sports your heart hurts what could it be?

heart burn

How is the heart rate of a person running different from their resting heart rate why is this change necessary?

Because your heart needs to burn energy, the more energy you burn the faster your heart rate

Does fire rated sheetrock burn?

Yes, it will eventually burn and crumble, but takes longer to get to that stage.

Why is heart burn inaccurate?

Heart burn makes the esophagus or stomach hurt -- not the heart. It is caused by excess stomach acid or burping up stomach acid.

What counteracts antibiotics?

my husband claims that antibiotics has made him gain weight and has heart burn for the first time in his life what can he do about it

What is gastric disease?

heart burn

What actors and actresses appeared in Heart Burn - 2011?

The cast of Heart Burn - 2011 includes: Anna Grace Carter

Keratin is a type of what?

Medication for your heart pain. Or if you get heart burn or something.

Why does your heart burn and your arm hurt?

Could be symptoms of a heart attack.

Is it heartburn or heart attack?

Heart burn and heart attack are two completely different things

I get Heart burn all the time?

Errm...Its that a question? Because im not sure it is...maybe you could change it to why do i have heart burn all the time...?

What can you burn in a stage 2 burn ban?

This sounds like a local law or ordnance. You will have to ask your local authorities.

How do you neutralize heart burn?

take an antacid

Why are acids and bases important to us?

first off, its acids and BASES. and they are important because everything in our world is affected by them. We couldn not live in a world that is either too acidic or too base. Think about heart burn, to treat heart burn, we have to have an understanding of acids and bases.

How do you care for burns?

clean the wound (washing, antiseptic measures, removing crustae and foreign bodies), adding serum and antibiotics, aseptic bandage. This is the first stage Then the patient is to be hospitalized to burn unit for special care- stage 2 After controlling fever, dehydration, heart-lung function and septic measure at some time, must be thinking for grafts and plastic surgery.

Heart rate to burn the most caloies?

In terms of fitness, one should have a heart rate between 150 to 177 to burn the most calories and fat.

What is alkyl calcium carbamate used for?

heart burn

What can we do to stop heart burn?

Use pempto bismol

Tagalog of heart burn?

Pangangasim ng sikmura

What is the first thing you should do for a first degree burn?

cool down the burn