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Legally, it's wrong to download licensed and copyrighted music and it's even being prosecuted by the federal government. However, virtually all of the cases deal with the biggest offenders who download thousands and thousands of songs. You have to ask yourself whether it's wrong on a moral level, too. Would you be happy if you created something and people could take it for free without compensating you?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-22 12:11:29
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Q: Can you get in trouble for downloading songs from LimeWire and burning them to a CD for personal use?
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If you have LimeWire and you are downloading the songs but you are not sharing them will you get in trouble?

Downloading copyrighted material without paying a fee is illegal, whether you share them or not. Will you get in trouble? Can't say.

Is downloading limewire songs onto your ipod legal?

No it is not legal. But my friends do it and they do not get in trouble.

Does LimeWire only allow 5 downloads of songs?

No. I have been using Limewire for years and never have trouble downloading songs.

Can you get in trouble for downloading lime wire?

Downloading Limewire is perfectly legal, however, since they are now shut down, there is no sense even downloading the software.

Has LimeWire stopped downloading music?

No they havent. If you are having trouble downloading from limewrie make sure you have the most up to date version.

Does downloading LimeWire Basic cost anything?

No, it is free to download the basic. (I know because a teen babysitter helped me dowload basic limewire this last month on my home PC.) No, But it can if you get caught using it. limewire is illegal and you can get in trouble for it. Limewire says it is legal, But it is only legal to them limewire doesnt use any of the files, just lets them go from one place to another (you can also get pro for nothing by downloading PRO off limewire basic ';,.,;'

How likely is it that you will get into trouble for downloading songs on LimeWire?

The chances depend on how much the cops wants you to go down, but it's not very likely.

Is there a way to get rid of the songs you downloaded off LimeWire so you won't get in trouble for having them or are you automatically at risk once you have them?

yes. Go where it is located on your computer, then get rid of it. Delete it. Then empty your recycle bin. Or trash. I dont think you can get into trouble for downloading things of limewire. Since it is a p2p sharing system, limewire can get sued. Not u. But its YOUR instinct.

What is better then LimeWire?

Torrents tend to be better. Though they will get you in trouble with your ISP alot faster. Simply because you will find yourself downloading alot more then you had planned on when you get a taste for them. And in my opinion, you are less likely to pick up a virus in a torrent then on something such as limewire.

Is limewire alligle?

Yes, if you get caught using LimeWire you can get in lots of trouble. LimeWire says that it isn't illegal but it's not true. :(

Can you get in trouble if you download music from LimeWire?

Yes but is very very slim chance. Limewire is shutdown

If you only download a song a month and you don't share the file would you get in trouble?

Illegal downloading is illegal downloading, if you get caught you can get in trouble.

Can you get in trouble for using uTorrent online?

You can't get in trouble for using uTorrent for downloading legal files. The trouble comes from downloading works that are protected under copyright law without permission.

What components of LimeWire make it illegal?

They have a thing that you agree to that says you won't do anything illegal, and you obviously check it so if you do limewire won't get in trouble.

Can you get in trouble for downloading copyrighted books?

If you get caught, possibly.

Why do people care if LimeWire is legal?

because they can get in trouble with the police and get fined if they are caught

Can I get in trouble for downloading free mp3 music?

It is possible to get in trouble for downloading free mp3 music because it is illegal. Ussually you do not get caught though. It is up to you to make the choice.

Do people get arrested for using LimeWire?

If people are using LimeWire to download songs illegally, then there is a chance they may get arrested if caught. To stay away from trouble, it is best to purchase music.

Can you get in trouble for downloading a serial key generator-keygen- off of Rapidsharecom?

real big trouble

Can you get in trouble for downloading music from 4 shared?

its illegal but the chances of getting in trouble are less than winning the lottery.

Can you get in trouble for using bearshare?

Yes. You can get into a lot of trouble. My friend received a letter telling him to stop downloading from there or he'll be sued.

Can you install LimeWire in Windows Vista?

dont do lime wire...its illegal ____ The software Limewire, isn't itself illegal. You will not get into trouble simply by having it in your computer. What may get you into trouble is the programs/music you download using it. You are free to download NON copyrighted material or anything in the public domain. You legally cannot download copyrighted material. And yes you can install Limewire if you are running Vista.

Can you get in trouble by downloading modded maps in halo?

nope at least in vista and PC that is.

Can they find out if you have used LimeWire?

Uh YES... when you download songs off of Limewire, that's called copywright. You know, illegally dowloading songs for free. When you get songs or movies off of limewire, you can easily track the fact that you stole songs... to answer your question yes they can find out. My advice to you is to never use Limewire. Not only is it illegal, but it can harm your computer and get you in trouble.....

What happened to limewire?

limewire is in a lot of trouble for doing or helping with the sharing of illegal downloads to music, videos, ebooks, etc. if you have visited it recently there is a legal court notice that blocks anyone from using the site. the limewire team have mentioned about making something new but in the mean time you can use frostwire, which is a tacky rip-off of limewire. its similar to limewire but not as good. it also doesnt have as much variety of songs. (but lets hope limewire makes something new). Thee new 1 is called " grooveshark"