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Can you get individual health insurance if you have a drug conviction?


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Yes, you can get individual health insurance but you may have to pay more for it.

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There are select drug treatment programs that covered by the average health insurance plan. Many drug treatment programs are funded by the government and are free to attend.

If the drug conviction is for use or possession, possibly; if it is for distribution, unlikely.

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If , it's life insurance then NO. Than you have accidentally overdose (not intend-it). Then a autopsy should be preformed. But if its health insurance , Then YES they will pay the hospital bill.

Intoxication can adversely affect an individual in a variety of ways, depending on the toxin and individual.

There are several benefits of having Health Net Insurance. Some of these benefits include emergency health coverage, coverage of newborns, prescription drug coverage, and adult and child preventative care.

There is no statute of limitations on a felony drug conviction. You were charged and convicted. It is a part of your record forever.

Drug directly harms the health of an individual, that is the reason why people request to avoid drugs.

One can get information on AARP health plans when one goes to the official website of AARP. There one can find information about AARP health insurance, drug coverage, as well as other insurance services.

Supplemental health insurance is helpful in covering drug costs, doctor visits, and medication. It is helpful for people who need extra coverage in addition to their medicare or medicade, for instance.

Yes, they can. Under federal law, an employer can require you to pay for the mandatory drug test. As long as having the employee pay does not have the effect of discouraging minority job applicants or lowering the employee's wage below the federal minimum, the employer can charge you for the test. Billing your health insurance is a form of billing you, even if your health insurance is from your employer.

The facility would have to comply with whatever requirement the private health insurance company desires.

Not in most cases. If the drug conviction was a misdemeanor than yes, and only if it's an old conviction -- not less than 7 years. If you were convicted more recently for personal possession (misdemeanor), you may be required to proved you have completed or are in a drug treatment program.

Public Health is the branch of health that deals with policies that impact many individuals, and even whole populations. Think vaccination programs, foodborne illness warnings, drug recalls, etc. Individual Health is the branch of health where health practitioners impact the lives of individual people. Think doctor appointment, nursing care in hospitals, eye exams, dental care, etc.

Synvisc is a drug that given as an injection to help people suffering from arthritis. Depending on a persons health insurance this drug can be free or it can cost upwards of $100.

Not if you have a drug conviction, ironic right!

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