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You may have a problem in the form of an allergic reaction, however tattoo ink composition is rarely published for you to read, so one can never be sure of what you are really getting, the best you can do to avoid problems it to get a 'patch test'.

A patch test is a method wherein your artist tests a particular ink on a small section of skin to note if you have an adverse reaction before beginning the real tattoo. Black ink is usually relatively inert, while colors, such as red inks can be more prone to cause allergic reactions.

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Q: Can you get ink poisoning from tattoos?
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How do you get rid of ink poisoning?

There is no such thing as "ink poisoning". People wouldn't get tattoos if there was, so you don't have to worry about getting it.

Can you get ink poisoning from homemade tattoos?

Only if you are using actual INK from a bic pen or something of the sort. The word "ink" in relations to tattoos is a misnomer. It is actually pigment. Buy real ink.

Does getting tattoos give people ink poisoning?

No, writing on your hands with pens too much does though

Why do people get sick when they get tattoos?

you might just be in ink pain If you mean a while after, it's probably some form of ink poisoning. It's not uncommon.

How do you tell if you have ink poisoning?

It would be highly unlikely if you had ink poisoning, unless your kidneys had failed in which case the victim would have collapsed previously. Ink is not a particularly poisonous substance and although it may technically count as poison because it is unnatural in the body, it is essentially harmless. Tattoos are made by making cuts in the skin and rubbing ink in, so the people who have lots of tattoos would surely be very unhealthy if ink was truly poisonous.

What is the cure for ink poisoning?

The cure for ink poisoning is vomiting unless a professional has instructed you to.

How do you get ink poisoning?

You can get ink poisoning by getting a lot of ink in your mouth, or if you write on yourself a lot. I hope this helps! -Flashlight

Do you have to drink ink to get ink poisoning?

no, if you draw on yourself with ink and the ink gets into your system then you can get Ink poisoning, however, who in their right minds is going to drink Ink? My mate please help

Can you get ink poisoning from putting ink on in a cut?

No, ink is an inert compound.

How can ink kill you?

yes it can. its called ink poisoning

Do you have ink poisoning?

You may have ink poisoning if you are experiencing eye irritation and staining of the skin or other mucus membranes. Ink poisoning can also cause stomach cramps and vomiting.

How bad is ink poisoning?

this question is relative. seek the advice of a physician immediately if you think you have "ink poisoning".

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