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You can. In fact, it is possible for one to have low grades and low standardized test scores and get into a good school. The application as opposed to the grades are the most important part of getting into high school.

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Q: Can you get into a good high school if you have low standardized test scores but good grade?
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Why shouldn't schools with low standardized test scores be closed?

Not necessarily. When considering whether or not to close a school, standardized tests should be balanced with other factors, like how well students are doing overall.

What if you have good SAT ACT scores and is in grade 11th of high school?

Then you do real good in collage!

What is the Jerabek school in Scripps Ranch?

A public elementary school, that teaches grades k-5. Located in a good community and school district with high standardized test scores.

Why a traditional school is not good fit for a child who is behind?

If the child is already behind, the school has an obligation to teach on grade level, then the child will be forced to catch up or stay behind. The school has to keep test scores up for funding. If the child is behind, test scores are low, therefore the school must focus on the "performers" that bring in the funding.

How does eagle scout and four years of high school band look on a college application?

If you are planning on applying to a tier one school(ivy league) then grades need to be very good as well as extracurriculars. If you apply to a tier two school (something like WPI) then leadership goes a long way, with good grades. Standardized test scores matter the most.

How can health care majors be obtained?

Health Care majors can be obtained through universities and colleges by taking classes online or in-person. Candidates for schools specializing in health care ideally have a good high school grade-point-average, strong scores in standardized tests, experience in the health care field (volunteer or otherwise), as well as sociable personalities and a general passion for medicine.

How do you get into whitgift school?

U have to get a scholarship or get good grade at your primary school.

How can a person get into Princeton?

Excel in high school, to be accepted,...and good scores on SAT's.

What does itouch grade c mean?

like a school grade.. a... really good, b... okay, c... not so good.

Is 69 percent a good maths grade for year 9?

In my opinion, 69% is never a good grade. In my school that is a F.

What do you need to get into Wayne State University?

A high school diploma and good SAT scores is a good place to start.

What is a good school for writing?

It depends on grade level and state.