Thorpe Park

Can you get into thorpe park free?

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May 13, 2009 9:02PM

Various ways, Tesco Clubcard points* can be collected in

exchange for tickets or annual passes. Other ways are to collect

vouchers on various products. ---- There are currently no events

that THORPE PARK are holding which include free entry.

If you are under 1 metre in height then you can go in for

free. * The 1 day entry ticket to Thorpe park in Tesco

Clubcard vouchers is £9.50.

Ticket prices on THORPE PARK website and on the day**:

Online/ on day Adult: £28.00 £35.00

Child: £18.00 £21.00

Family of 4: £82.00 £92.00

Family of 5: £97.00 £115.00

Senior: £22.00 £24.00

Disabled / Helper: £18.00 £20.00

Child under 1 metre: FREE FREE **2009 thorpe

park ticket prices from opening day. information given by

BenHarding10 (ben harding)

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