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Various ways, Tesco Clubcard points* can be collected in exchange for tickets or annual passes. Other ways are to collect vouchers on various products. ---- There are currently no events that THORPE PARK are holding which include free entry.

If you are under 1 metre in height then you can go in for free. * The 1 day entry ticket to Thorpe park in Tesco Clubcard vouchers is £9.50.

Ticket prices on THORPE PARK website and on the day**:Online/ on day Adult: £28.00 £35.00

Child: £18.00 £21.00

Family of 4: £82.00 £92.00

Family of 5: £97.00 £115.00

Senior: £22.00 £24.00

Disabled / Helper: £18.00 £20.00

Child under 1 metre: FREE FREE **2009 thorpe park ticket prices from opening day. information given by BenHarding10 (ben harding)

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Q: Can you get into thorpe park free?
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How long will it take to get to thorpe park from England?

It depends which Thorpe Park you are referring to. There is a Thorpe Park in England.

Is thorpe park in blackpool?

No. Thorpe Park is in Chertsey, Surrey.

Where is Thorpe Park?

SurreyThorpe park is in Chertsey, Surrey (not london) UK

How far is thorpe park from ilford?

81.8 miles from Ilford to Thorpe Park.

What is thorpe park like?

Thorpe Park is indescribable. Though really expensive.

What is the latest ride at Thorpe park?

The latest ride at Thorpe Park, is The Swarm.

What is the area of Thorpe Park?

The area of Thorpe Park is 2,023,428.2112 square meters.

What is the age limit for Thorpe park?

there is no age limit for thorpe park, it just depends on the size of the person, most rides are built for over 1m that's why it is free for people under 1m.

How do you travel to Thorpe Park from Barnet?

You don't want too! Thorpe Park is crap!

Who makes decisions at thorpe park?

the person who owns thorpe park is The Statue liberty

What does saw Thorpe park do?

If you type saw ride thorpe park, there are on ride videos :)

What rides are there at thorpe park in the UK?

Go onto the Thorpe Park website and see.

Distance from Bristol to thorpe park?

Bristol to Thorpe Park, Surrey is 108.9 miles.

Is thorpe park real?

Thorpe Park is a theme park with various rides and other attractions near London.

What is the theme of Thorpe park?

I think thorpe park is a water theme park or an adventure theme park. I am not really sure though.

How much did it cost to build thorpe park?

Official Budget for Thorpe Park when constructed was $345,237

When was Colossus - Thorpe Park - created?

Colossus - Thorpe Park - was created in 2002.

When was Detonator - Thorpe Park - created?

Detonator - Thorpe Park - was created in 2001.

When was Vortex - Thorpe Park - created?

Vortex - Thorpe Park - was created in 2001.

What are the aims and objectives for Thorpe Park?

The Objective in Thorpe Park is to build rides every year so that Thorpe Park can get popular so they can make more money and profit,

How old is an adult at thorpe park?

Believe it or not, an adult is counted as anyone aged 12+ at Thorpe Park

How old do you have to be to get in to thorpe park?

You have to be 12 years old or over as you are classed as an adult at 12 with thorpe park

Which thorpe park ride has the most loops?

Why not access the Thorpe Park website for all the info that you require.

How many people have died in thorpe park?

Nobody has died at thorpe park before. It is a very safe theme park. Hope this helps.

Who built thorpe park?

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