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Thorpe Park is a theme park in Surrey, England. The park is known for its roller coasters and water rides.

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Thorpe Park

How could Thorpe Park improve market research?

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Thorpe Park

How many years has Thorpe Park been open?

Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, was opened 31-May-1979

Thorpe Park

How many miles to Cheshire from Thorpe park?

According to Google Earth - it's approximately 184 miles. Should take about 3 1/4 hours by car.

Thorpe Park

How big is thorpe park?

It's pretty big but with new plans coming on the way it will be even bigger

See the related link to see how big it will get.

Thorpe Park

What is Thorpe park target market?


Thorpe Park

How many loop the loops does colossus at Thorpe park have?

first of all, they're called inversions. inversions are when you go upside down. it has ten of those. these include one vertical loop, a batwing (twin cobra roll), two corkscrews, and five heart rolls.

Thorpe Park

How tall does one have to be to ride on Thorpe Park rides?

Depends what rides here is a list of the rides and how tall you have to be for each one

These are what you could call the "main rides"

Stealth - 1.4m

nemesis inferno - 1.4m

colossus - 1.4m

saw-the ride - 1.4m

rush - 1.4m

samurai - 1.4m

vortex - 1.4m

slammer - 1.4m

X:/no way out - 1.4m

detonator - 1.3m

tidal wave - 1.2m

these are what you could call the "semi main rides"

time voyagers - no limit (mainly because its a 4d cinema)

Quantum - 1.2m

zodiac - 1.1m

flying fish - 1.1m (unless with adult)

death charge - 1.2m (unless with adult)

loggers leap - 1.1m (unless with adult)

Mr monkeys banana ride - 0.9m (unless with adult)

rumba rapids - 1.1m (unless with adult)

rocky express - 0.9m (unless with adult)

storm in teacup - 1.1m (unless with adult)

and finally the "junior rides" (anyone between 0.9m and 1.1m MUST be accompanied by and adult 18 + )

Canada creek railway - 0.9m no one over 1.4m

chief rangers carousel - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

fantasy fish - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

gallon race - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

happy halibuts - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

Neptune's beach - exclusively for families

Ollie's the octopus - 1.3m max

the showcase - no limit

sea snakes and ladders - 1.2 max

slippery serpent - 0.9 on one over 1.3m

swinging seashells - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

up periscope - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

wet wet wet - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

p.s i have been to Thorpe park loads of times and a couple years back when i was only about 1.38m they still let me on all the major rides so don't worry if your a little under the height limit.

Thorpe Park

Is the Swarm at Thorpe Park going to have loops?

By loops do you mean a vertical loop, or inversion? They will have inversions, but no loops.

Thorpe Park

What year did stealth open at thorpe park?


Thorpe Park

How fast is saw the ride at thorpe park?

it is 70mph

Thorpe Park

Which one is better chessington world of adventures or thrope park?

it depends on age

if the children are younger than 11 i would say chessington because the rides there are more appropriate for them and they will be able to ride on all of them

but thorpe park is better for older children as the rides are bigger and bertter but they have height restrictions

overall, thorpe park is better :)

Thorpe Park

How long does it take to get to Thorpe Park?

Well it depends, if you live in London it could take around 10 - 30 minutes and if you live in the south its about 1hr and 15 mins to 2hrs. And in the North, around 2 - 4hrs. It really depends where you live. Go on google maps and type your adress then thorpe park address and it will tell you the duration and the directions :)

Hoep this helped
2 minutes if you live next door

1 hour if you live about 40-50 miles away

a few days if you start from the moon and have access to a rocket

a few light years if you are in another galaxy

couldn't be any more accurate from the question you asked im afraid

Thorpe Park

How long does it take to get to Haven Thorpe park from Cleethorpes rilway station by car?

only takes about 15 mins and that's in rush hour a taxi will cost about a fiver

Thorpe Park

Can you change the date of the thorpe park tickets if you booked online?

i do not believe you can. Once you have paid for your ticket, it says in the terms and conditions it is non refundable and non changeable. sorry

Thorpe Park

How long has thorpe park been open?

Thorpe Park originally opened in 1979 as a water based theme park. The first roller coaster (Colossus) wasn't installed until 2002.

Thorpe Park

How many miles From Portsmouth 2 Thorpe park?

60 miles taking this route:

  1. Take A3 LONDON from Portsmouth to M25 to CHERTSEY; EXIT, then stay in the left-hand lane to get to M25 (W) to CHERTSEY.
  2. Take M25 to the NEXT EXIT (J11), which is A320. Follow signs to A320, then follow signs to A320 to CHERTSEY and STAINES (to THORPE PARK).
  3. Follow A320 to Thorpe Park. Turn left into Thorpe Park.
Thorpe Park

How fast is the swarm at thorpe park?

The SWARM is the third fastest ride in the park, with a top speed of 57mph

Thorpe Park

What are the functional areas of Thorpe park?

There are quite a few functional areas of Thorpe Park. They are all found with explanations in the student pack which you are able to download from the Thorpe Park Website. However, here is a list of the functional areas:

Human Resources & Training

Health & safety

Guest Services (AKA Customer Services)






Thorpe Park

When does thorpe park close?

It closes in early November

Thorpe Park

How many miles is blackburn to thorpe park?

It is 180 miles by road from central Blackpool to Thorpe Park, Chertsey, Surrey.

Thorpe Park

How long are ques for thorpe park?

It depends on the time of day and the ride but going early can be 0 mins for every ride. But going on big rides during the day can take half an hour to two hours.

Thorpe Park

How tall do you have to be at thorpe park?

1.4 metres

no you dont but you have to be that tall to go on rides like saw and stealth and big rides you can be any height to get in

Thorpe Park

How far is Alton towers from thorpe park?

It is about 3 or 4 hours. Hope this helps

Thorpe Park

What is thorpe park like?

Thorpe Park is indescribable. Though really expensive.

Thorpe Park

How does Thorpe Park train their customer service employees?

My Willy Hurts


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