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Can you get me supprting evidence on obeseity?

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Clarification needed: evidence for what? What proposition are you trying to support?

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What is obeseity?

When someones BMI is over the helthy range.

Why is McDonald's marketing to children an issue at all?

increaces obeseity

Can the drug Celexa cause hyperthyroidism?

The facts supprting this premise are inconclusive according to search engine results.

What are all of the long term affects of eating unhealthily?

pretty much obeseity, diabeties, heart problems, things of that sort

What is 8284a clock generator?

clock generator is a supprting chips that generates three types singles just like clock, reset,ready signal.

What is creeping obeseity?

It's no official term, it's used in diet ads or obesity research news. It just means slowly getting fatter until you get obese.

Who received an Oscar for best supprting actor for his performance in 1982 film ''an officer and a gentleman''?

It was Louis Gossett Jr. for his role as Sgt. Emil Foley, a drill instructor.

How parameters for weight prior to weight loss surgery?

You must have a bmi of 40 with 2 current obeseity related conditions. more info here for the lap band

What are the health benefits of Pur-Erh Teas?

Pu-erh tea is often promoted as assisting in lowering cholesterol. Some studies have supported this use, and some have suggested that it can improve the heart. It is also reputed as a "diet" tea since there is evidence that it may change the body's metabolism, and/or help the body to digest fat and saturated oils. Pur-erh tea, especially Sheng (raw) Pu-erh, can be aged, often for as long as 15 years. Although there is evidence supprting the use of Pu-erh to lower cholesterol, there is also evidence that other teas, such as green tea, may have this effect as well, and it has not been exhaustively established that Pu-erh is uniformly healthier than other teas.

What is correct there were no evidence or there was no evidence?

There was no evidence.

What is the word for verbal evidence as opposed to written?

Parol evidence.Parol evidence.Parol evidence.Parol evidence.

What are the different types of evidence in a criminal case?

Examples of types of evidence include, but do not limit to: scientfic (forensic), direct evidence, circumstantial evidence, computer evidence, physical evidence, trace evidence, etc.

What three kinds of evidence do archaeologists study?

written evidence, pictorial evidence and oral evidence

What kind of evidence supports evolution?

There can be numerous types of evidence:Molecular evidenceGenetic evidenceFossil evidenceHomologous/analogous structures

What does evidence mean?

to show evidence is to prove and evidence is proof

What does the evidence in an essay answer?

The evidence in an essay answer the question to which the evidence is pertinent.

What are three types of evidence of theory of evolution?

Morphological evidence.Genetic and genomic evidence.Geographical evidence.

What are the types of evidence used in law?

The four general types of evidence are: -Anecdotal Evidence - Testimonial Evidence - Statistical Evidence - Analogical Evidence Links to articles which can provide you with a clearer answer and descriptions are below.

Can you say evidence are?

no its my evidence is.

How do you spell evidence?


What are 2 types of evidence that suggests that evolution has occurred?

Accept fossil evidence, anatomical evidence, molecular evidence

What is the difference between best evidence and secondary evidence and conclusive evidence?

1 The difference between best and secondary evidence is best evidence is the legal doctrine that an original piece of evidence, particularly a document and secondary evidence is Secondary evidence is evidence that has been reproduced from an original document or substituted for an original item. For example, a photocopy of a document or photograph would be considered secondary evidence.

What evidence is there to evolution?

The evidence for evolution is extensive and multi-layered, too much for me to cover comprehensively. The Wikipedia article 'Evidence of common descent' has many subcategories. these are: Evidence from genetics Evidence from palaeontology Evidence from comparative anatomy Evidence from geographical distribution Evidence from comparative physiology and biochemistry Evidence from antibiotic and pesticide resistance Evidence from complex iteration Evidence from observed speciation and adaptation Evidence from intraspecies modifications I would recommend the Wikipeidia article and I am sure there are a large number of YouTube videos dedicated to the subject.

What is evidence how is direct evidence different from inderict evidence?

Direct evidence are visible noticable changes. Indirect evidence is when you might not see the action happen but you do notice the results

What were the supports of wegeners theory?

Shape of the continents, Fossil evidence, Rock evidence, climate evidence and MOuntain Range evidence.