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Some times, if you are a full time student, or if you are disabled in some way. But if you are an independent adult, I would doubt it.

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Q: Can you get medical insurance with your parents if you are independent?
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What does IPA means in medical insurance?

Independent Practice Association.

Where can I find a Health Insurance that will cover almost everything?

Major Medical insurance covers medical expenses that are medically necessary. I suggest that you contact and independent agent so they can get you quotes from several different companies.

Do you have to carry medical insurance on an emancipated child in Indiana?

No. Emancipated children have no legal ties to their parents.

Are both parents both responsible to provide medical insurance for their child?

I would certainly hope so.

Where is the company Independent Health headquartered?

"According to their linked in profile, the Independent Health company is located in Buffalo New York. They are a company that processes medical bills and insurance claims."

How do you cancel your blue shield medical insurance?

I have tricare medical insurance. I want to cancel my blue shield medical insurance. How do I go about doing it? I have tricare medical insurance. I want to cancel my blue shield medical insurance. How do I go about doing it? I have tricare medical insurance. I want to cancel my blue shield medical insurance. How do I go about doing it?

Are parents responsible for adult children without medical insurance in ma?

Some medical insurance plans will cover an adult child up to about age 24 under certain circumstances. Some plans will cover them if they are in college, living at home or are permanent dependents of the parents.

Where can one purchase student medical insurance?

One can purchase a student medical insurance from the following online insurance companies; HCC Medical Insurance Services, Aetna Medical Insurance, and United Healthcare.

What is the best medical and dental insurance?

One that meets your needs and is affordable. Way too many variables to pick one plan or even one provider. If you are in the market talk to an independent insurance agent who specializes in medical and dental coverage.

CHIP Insurance Covers At-Risk Children ?

CHIP Insurance meets the medical insurance needs of children whose parents meet certain income requirements. Children often injure themselves as they play and explore, and children share germs with each other every day. Medical insurance gives all parents a financial resource, enabling them to seek proper medical care for their children. Many parents cannot provide medical insurance due to the economic environment today. CHIP ensures children have access to physicians, specialists, and medications. Information can be found online or through the local department of public welfare.

Can deduction taken for medicare 96.40 be reimbursed by own medical insurance?

No. Medical insurance covers medical expenses, not insurance premiums.

What is the difference between an independent insurance agency and an independent insurance agent?

The agency is the business and the agent is a person.

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