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Can you get more than one pet in Facebook pet society?

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No. Unless you get another account with a different email and add pet society.

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Can you have two Facebook accounts on one computer?

Yes, you can have more than one Facebook account from a computer. However, you can only have one Facebook account per email address.

Can you have more than one Facebook account?

yes. you can have as many as you want.

How do you post pictures from facebook to more then one group at the same time?

To post picture on Facebook to more than one group at the same time you need to tag the groups.

How can you change your name more than 5 times on facebook?

You cannot change your name on Facebook more than five times. Facebook has a written terms of service documents that states you can only sign up to one account at a time.

How do you close the current Facebook account?

Do you mean how do you delete a Facebook account.

Can you make more than one facebook account with one email?

No you would have to delete one of them to make another.

Is mall world only for Facebook?

No not really because there might be more than one place than mall world. Speaking of Facebook I would to get on it but I need a verification code.

How do you restart pet society on Facebook?

You cant restart pet society, you have to keep the one you have . :/ stupid isn't it

How do you delete more than one friend at once on facebook?

By marking all friend and by giving the command of remove, thus we can delete more than one friend at a time.

Can you have more than one Facebook to an email?

no you cannot unless you make a different email but no you cannot do that.

How many faceook accounts have?

You should only have one Facebook account, if you are caught with more than one account Facebook could have both accounts deleting , depending on the circumstances.

Does Carrie Howard have a Facebook?

why do you ask this here?? I think there is more than one Carrie howard on the world...

Why would a girl disapprove of anyone younger than her sister having a Facebook when this would include her crush who has one?

What on Earth is Facebook ?? Just kidding. I think Facebook and computers are breeding a society of anonymous people who are afraid to talk face to face with REAL people..

How do you upload my pics to Facebook?

Go onto the Facebook wall. click pictures, there will be a empty square that you will click it will say add pictures clicl it the your picture files will pop up you the choose various pictures. if its more than one you can upload more than one at a time. when done you publish it.

How do you tag more than 10 people in a facebook note?

Facebook has a limit of tagging only ten people in a note. If you would want more than ten people to receive your note you will have to send it more than one time. Another way to do this is just to post the note and make it public. Then everyone can see the post.

What is the hex code of pet society cheat engine?

look the one only the facebookthe freezer

Does Avril have a facebook account?

ya but obviously not a personal one the one you can access is more like her Facebook page for fans

If a person is already a member why does Facebook not recognize this when a person invites someone to become a member?

I would check the Facebook site Help Center (bottom of page) for that answer, or to make a complaint. One possible reason is if you have more than one e-mail address, and the invites are going to another address than the one you use for Facebook membership and to receive updates from FB.

Were the ancient Greeks far more advanced than your contemporary society by allowing more same-sex love?

You cannot make a blanket statement that their society was more advanced because of one issue.

How do you put more than one picture on facebook at a time?

You hold CTRL down and click on the pics you want to add to your album

What is unequal society?

Unequal society is the unfair treatment of one based on social status. It is a form of discrimination, more often than not, the rich against the poor.

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